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51 EITI countries: Netherlands joins and Solomon Islands withdraws.
The Netherlands application to join the Board has been accepted. Solomon Islands has withdrawn due to the limited extractive activities taking place.

Colombia, the first country in the Americas to reach the highest level of progress in implementing the EITI Standard.
Status: Satisfactory progress
EITIColombia has published verified revenue information, shone a light on revenue distribution to sub-national regions and started to tackle challenges in environmental regulations.
Fredrik Reinfeldt, Chair of the EITI, said:
Colombia has made rapid strides in making its extractive sector more transparent. I congratulate all stakeholders on making the EITI a tool to build trust in a post-conflict Colombia. We particularly applaud the launch of the user-friendly online platform to collect and share information on the extractives sector.
Cameroon, Madagascar, Republic of Congo, Sao Tome e Principle and Ukraine achieve meaningful progress against the EITI Standard.
Statuses: Meaningful progress

Meaningful progress means that significant aspects of each requirement in the EITI Standard have been implemented and the broader objectives of the requirements have been fulfilled. All four countries have been acknowledged to have gone beyond the EITI Standard in some areas

Source: EITI International Secretariat
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