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Arman Dunayev has been nominated as a Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC Kazkommertsbank

 Almaty, 01 August 2017 The Board of Directors of JSC Kazkommertsbank (hereinafter KKB or the Bank) during its first meeting held on 31 July, 2017 has unanimously voted to nominate Mr. Arman Dunayev, Non-executive Independent Director, as a Chairman of KKBs Board of Directors
KKBs Board of Directors composition has been approved by the Banks extraordinary general meeting of shareholders on 31 July, 2017. Mrs. Saule Kishkimbayeva, Mrs. Aliya Karpykova (representative of the majority shareholder), Mr. Azamat Dzholdasbekov (Non-executive Independent Director), Mr. Askar Yelemesov (Non-executive Independent Director) and Mr. Ulf Wokurka (the Banks CEO) have joined the Board of Directors together with Mr. Arman Dunayev.
It is a great honor and to a certain extent a professional challenge to chair the Board of Directors of one of the systemically important banks in the country. The support rendered by the Government and change of the major shareholder of the Bank helped to solve the most of the legacy problems. There are important tasks we need to address: the corporate governance of Kazkommertsbank shall be adjusted to best international practices and standards applied by Halyk Group and the new development strategy of the Bank shall be designed and introduced, commented Mr. Dunayev.
Arman Dunayev is an experienced financier and holds a Ph.D. degree in Economics. He has an extensive expertise in working both in public and private companies. He is a Non-executive Independent Director in the following companies of Halyk Group: Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan, Halyk Finance and Halyk-Life. Mr. Dunayev chairs the Board of Directors of Altyn Bank (Subsidiary Bank of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan).
For more information about the KKB Board of Directors, please visit KKBs corporate website: http://www.qazkom.kz/about-kazkom/board-of-directors
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