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EITI Board recognises the pioneering efforts of Liberia in implementing the EITI and sets out next steps
Liberia undergoes its first EITI Validation under the EITI Standard and demonstrates meaningful progress despite Ebola disruption.
Fredrik Reinfeldt, Chair of the EITI, said:
Political will led Liberia to pioneer a number of the requirements in the current EITI Standard, and political will is what will be needed to ensure that Liberia remains at the forefront of implementation. The Boards corrective actions should help Liberian stakeholders direct their efforts in order to continue implementing the Standard in a way that leads to better governance of the extractive sector.

Mali makes meaningful progress in transparency despite significant challenges
EITI implementation has proved resilient despite political instability and terrorist attacks.

Fredrik Reinfeldt, Chair of the EITI, said:

"We welcome stakeholders dedication to implement the EITI Standard in Mali despite the multiple challenges they have faced. It is encouraging to see that their efforts are beginning to yield some tangible results."


Suriname becomes the 52nd country to implement the EITI
The EITI Board today approved Surinames EITI candidature application.

Fredrik Reinfeldt, Chair of the EITI, noted

we hope that the EITI will help Suriname to ensure that its natural resources are used for the development of the country.

Minister of Natural Resources, Regilio Dodson, said:

"Our primary goal with implementing the EITI is to build a national consensus between social partners on how to develop the extractive industry to the benefit of society.

The EITI Standard will help us develop trust and openness for everyone to contribute this cause.

The information generated out of the EITI process will serve as an instrument in planning and decision-making to inform our policies."

The EITI is the global standard for the governance of oil, gas and mining.
It is led by a coalition of governments, companies, civil society groups, investors and international organisations, the EITI Board.
The EITI is chaired by Fredrik Reinfeldt. Mr Reinfeldt was the Prime Minister of Sweden (2006-2014).
52 countries are members of the EITI. No country has yet made satisfactory progress with the 2016 EITI Standard. See the list of countries at eiti.org/countries.

Source: EITI International Secretariat

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