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Qazkom starts business lending in Astana and Almaty under the special programs of Damu
Qazkom, as the main operator of five new special programs of Damu Fund, proceeds to lending to small and medium entrepreneurs in Astana and Almaty. From the total amount of KZT 5 bn. allocated by Damu Fund for the implementation of these programs, Kazkommertsbanks customers will receive about KZT 3.7 bn.

Borrowings provided to the bank for the 7-year period for a fee and return basis. A feature of these programs have become new areas of support - "start-ups", innovation, scientific and technological solutions, as well as projects in the priority areas of the largest metropolises - processing and food industry, services and infrastructure.

"Active lending to small and medium business we started last year - after the announcing of a new strategy and changed the focus on SMEs and retail. Increased efforts in this direction have already brought fruits: the entrepreneurs are now perceived Qazkom as a leading bank to support them, and the state has entrusted to us the bulk of funding for the major programs of Almaty and Astana, "- said the first deputy CEO of the bank Abay Iskandirov.

In order to implement five new SME support programs, Entrepreneurship Development Fund "Damu" already transferred to Qazkom the first tranche in the amount of KZT 2.7 bn.
Of this amount, KZT 900 mln. will be allocated for the program "Almaty-Onm". It provides funding for projects of Almaty entrepreneurs engaged in food production, food malt, mineral waters and other soft drinks.

Tranche in the amount of KZT 250 mln. is designed for lending to beginning entrepreneurs of the capital  under the "Astana Start Up program, which is designed for start uppers and not have any restrictions on the industry.

For the implementation of the program "Almaty Tourism Qazkom will receive KZT 1.3 bn. The money will be used to finance investment projects of Almaty entrepreneurs engaged in the production of souvenirs, hotel business, administrative and support services, as well as in the arts, entertainment and recreation.

The "Astana Business" program provides support to entrepreneurs of the northern capital, employed in retail trade (except motor vehicles), the restaurant business and the delivery of food, as well as funding for the purchase of the franchise in all sectors. For this program the bank will allocate KZT 250 mln.

The program "Almaty-Innovation" money for which the will be transferred to the bank in the near future is aimed for the financing projects of entrepreneurs of the southern capital, which are engaged in the production of computers, electronic and optical products, as well as leading professional, scientific and technical activities. For the implementation of the program, Qazkom will receive KZT 1 bn.

Qazkom is ready to provide a series of presentations for the entrepreneurs with a view to more detailed information on these programs.

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