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Azerbaijan downgraded to candidate country
Azerbaijan was downgraded to candidate country following an EITI Validation which was carried out earlier this year. Validation is the EITIs independent evaluation mechanism and Azerbaijan is the first country to be validated against the 2013 EITI Standard.

The Board had called for an early validation following deep concern for the ability of civil society to engage critically in the EITI process in Azerbaijan.

Clare Short, Chair of the EITI, said:

"There has been some progress in addressing our concerns, but further work is needed to ensure that civil society in Azerbaijan can participate in the EITI in a meaningful way. We look forward to continuing to work together.

This EITI validation does not assess the 2013 EITI report, which is due to be published in May 2015. Azerbaijan had previously been found compliant in 2009 against the old EITI Rules. Azerbaijan is still counted as EITI member. It can regain compliant status if it implements corrective actions within 12 months, or face suspension.

Source: EITI
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