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Davos Warms to Trumponomics
Tax cuts are popular with global elites, but their effects will likely melt with the snow
24 2018 | Viewed: 235 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Senate confirms Jerome Powell as Federal Reserve chair

The U.S. Senate on Tuesday confirmed Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell as the next head of the central bank, succeeding Janet Yellen, a move likely to provide continuity in U.S. monetary policy with the economy growing now for nine years straight
24 2018 | Viewed: 245 | News / Theme of day | Read full
IMF hails broadest rise in global growth since 2010
Forecasts upgraded for 2017, 2018 and 2019, adding to positive mood ahead of Davos gathering
23 2018 | Viewed: 262 | Analytics | Read full
OPEC, Russia Signal Global Oil Alliance May Endure Past 2018
OPEC and Russia reaffirmed that theyll persevere with oil-production cuts until the end of the year to clear a global glut and signaled their readiness to cooperate beyond that
22 2018 | Viewed: 261 | News / Theme of day | Read full
US uranium producers seek Trump action to restrict imports
Companies cite national security concerns after decimation of domestic sector
19 2018 | Viewed: 234 | Foreign experience | Read full
China Escalates Crackdown on Cryptocurrency Trading
China is escalating its clampdown on cryptocurrency trading, targeting online platforms and mobile apps that offer exchange-like services, according to people familiar with the matter
18 2018 | Viewed: 254 | Foreign experience | Read full
Xiaomi appoints banks for planned $100bn IPO
Chinese smartphone maker still has to decide where to list shares
18 2018 | Viewed: 244 | Foreign experience | Read full
Bundesbank to include renminbi in currency reserves
Chinas currency rises after decision by Germanys central bank
18 2018 | Viewed: 258 | News / Theme of day | Read full
Who Will Profit Off the Next Crash?
Predicting another crisis is easier than making money off of it.
15 2018 | Viewed: 247 | Analytics | Read full
Worries about US shale output as oil hits 3-year high
Demand has been high but there are questions about the resilience of crudes rally
15 2018 | Viewed: 269 | Analytics | Read full
PBOC: Huge room for yuan to improve global use
The Chinese yuan has huge room to improve its use in global systems partly due to increasing demand for yuan-denominated assets, a central bank official said Sunday
15 2018 | Viewed: 251 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
In Germany, online hate speech has real-world consequences
A new study finds that anti-refugee rhetoric on Facebook is correlated with physical attacks
15 2018 | Viewed: 257 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
The Year in Money
Market highs, a venture capital boom, and record-low unemployment were just some of the defining moments for investors in 2017
25 2017 | Viewed: 69 | Analytics | Read full
The Economist reveals its country of the year
Is it sober Argentina, plucky South Korea or revolutionary France?
25 2017 | Viewed: 62 | Analytics | Read full
China Central Bank Official Says Bankruptcy May Benefit the Country
A Chinese central bank official said China should allow local governments to go bankrupt to help rein in regional authorities excessive borrowing
25 2017 | Viewed: 47 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
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Sholpan Kozhamkulova
Sholpan Kozhamkulova, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Chair, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, KIMEP, Almaty

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