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Multinationals Are Still Pouring Cash Into China
Foreign companies continue to invest more in China even after President Donald Trump called on U.S. firms to look elsewhere, as the rising spending power of 1.4 billion people proves too hard to resist
15 2019 | Viewed: 56 | Foreign experience | Read full
Riksbank dumps Canadian and Australian debt in green push
Swedish central bank to avoid regional bonds with large climate footprint for reserves
15 2019 | Viewed: 50 | Foreign experience | Read full
Chinas Investment Growth Slows to a Record Low
Chinas economy slowed further in October, signaling that policy makers piecemeal stimulus is failing to boost output and investment amid ongoing trade tensions with the U.S. and subdued demand at home
14 2019 | Viewed: 53 | Analytics | Read full
Uzbekistan Opens Up for Foreign Investment, Spurring Rivalry With Kazakhstan
Uzbekistans recent opening up for foreign investment will spur a healthy rivalry in Central Asia, potentially boosting the economy of neighboring Kazakhstan, the International Monetary Fund said
14 2019 | Viewed: 56 | Foreign experience | Read full
Billionaires are only rarely policy failures
Indiscriminate attacks on the super-rich will do more harm than good
13 2019 | Viewed: 64 | News / Theme of day | Read full
Charles Schwab Joins Chorus of Billionaires Opposing Wealth Tax
Charles Schwab, founder of the giant discount brokerage firm, is joining other finance billionaires in opposing the wealth tax backed by presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren
13 2019 | Viewed: 44 | News / Theme of day | Read full
Merkel urges EU to seize control of data from US tech titans
German chancellor says bloc should claim digital sovereignty in battle with Silicon Valley
13 2019 | Viewed: 49 | News / Theme of day | Read full
Xi: BRI helping Chinese, Greek people
President calls Port of Piraeus example of cooperation benefits
13 2019 | Viewed: 54 | Foreign experience | Read full
Roula Khalaf to succeed Lionel Barber as FT editor
Change at top of news organisation to happen in January
13 2019 | Viewed: 44 | Foreign experience | Read full
Why foreign companies are ditching their Japan listings

Number of overseas businesses listed in Tokyo is down to just four, from more than 120

12 2019 | Viewed: 48 | Foreign experience | Read full
US tax

The wealth tax plan worrying US billionaires

12 2019 | Viewed: 56 | Analytics | Read full
Alibaba Singles' Day sales hit $23 billion in first nine hours
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Inc (BABA.N) on Monday said sales for its annual Singles Day shopping blitz hit 158.31 billion yuan ($22.63 billion) in its first nine hours, up 25% from 126.72 billion yuan at the same point last year
11 2019 | Viewed: 44 | News / Theme of day | Read full
Contractors hit as China local government defaults rise
Slowing economy puts strain on public finances and raises risk of social unrest
11 2019 | Viewed: 49 | Foreign experience | Read full
China Says It Agreed With U.S. to Roll Back Tariffs in Phases
China and the U.S. have agreed to proportionally roll back tariffs on each others goods in phases, a Ministry of Commerce spokesman said
7 2019 | Viewed: 63 | News / Theme of day | Read full
China, France sign deals worth $15b
Xi, Macron vow to expand cooperation, reaffirm support for climate change pact
7 2019 | Viewed: 65 | Foreign experience | Read full
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