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Trump Fixer Cohen Paid by Kazakh Bank for Post-Election Work
Kazakhstans BTA Bank JSC paid Donald Trumps former attorney Michael Cohen to help recover stolen money allegedly laundered in the U.S. and has spoken with American prosecutors probing Cohens activities, a lawyer for the bank said, confirming part of Cohens congressional testimony
28 2019 | Viewed: 22 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
US and China settle on trade enforcement process
Top American negotiator announces clearing of key hurdle in talks with Beijing
28 2019 | Viewed: 23 | News / Theme of day | Read full
Chinese publishers top global mobile app ranking
Top Chinese mobile application publishers saw significant revenue growth in 2018, with 11 domestic internet companies earning places on a recent list of the top 52 app publishers in the world
27 2019 | Viewed: 23 | News / Theme of day | Read full
U.S. consumer regulator forms task force to monitor big tech
The Federal Trade Commission, under pressure to keep closer tabs on big tech companies such as Alphabets Google and Facebook, said on Tuesday it would create a task force to monitor the sector and investigate anticompetitive conduct
27 2019 | Viewed: 20 | Foreign experience | Read full
Britain to scrap many EU tariffs on unfairly traded goods post-Brexit
Sweetcorn from Thailand and tinned mandarins from China are among the goods Britain will scrap higher tariffs on after it leaves the European Union, the British government said on Monday
26 2019 | Viewed: 20 | Foreign experience | Read full
Oil dips after Trump calls on OPEC to ease high prices
Oil prices slipped on Tuesday, extending losses of more than 3 percent during the previous session, after U.S. President Donald Trump called on OPEC to ease its efforts to boost the market
26 2019 | Viewed: 27 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Capital market reform to spur innovation
China's capital market reform and opening-up, a key area of supply-side structural reform in the financial sector, is set to bolster the nation's innovation-driven growth, analysts said
26 2019 | Viewed: 24 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
US to delay raising tariffs on Chinese imports
Donald Trump proposes summit with Xi at Mar-a-Lago to conclude agreement
25 2019 | Viewed: 24 | News / Theme of day | Read full
Sino-US talks end with key progress on specific issues
China and the US have achieved substantial progress on specific issues following their latest round of high-level economic and trade talks in Washington, the Chinese delegation said Sunday
25 2019 | Viewed: 23 | News / Theme of day | Read full
ExplainerMarket Questions
What is behind the recent gold rush?
25 2019 | Viewed: 24 | Analytics | Read full
Hong Kong opens banking market to online competition
Digital banking licences set to be issued to 6 companies including Tencent, Ant Financial and Xiaomi
22 2019 | Viewed: 21 | Foreign experience | Read full
Kaz Minerals boosted by rising copper output
Kaz Minerals said earnings rose by 6 per cent last year due to a boost in copper production following the expansion of its two mines in Kazakhstan
22 2019 | Viewed: 22 | Analytics | Read full
Chinese premier in rare spat with central bank
Li Keqiang warns of new potential risks from record lending spree
22 2019 | Viewed: 30 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
U.S. Bets on Chinas Special Envoy in Trade Talks
The two sides face a March 1 deadline before tariffs on some Chinese imports rise
22 2019 | Viewed: 23 | News / Theme of day | Read full
How Huawei lost its PR battle in the west
Foreign advisers say they were ignored and undermined by Chinese management
22 2019 | Viewed: 20 | Foreign experience | Read full
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