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Life by hacking

Nothing can get compared to that feeling of superiority when you are living through a eureka moment, having resolved a tech issue with one of your latest gadgets.

My latest achievements include installing Photon browser on my iPad (it works with flash!), disabling annoying LED indicator on Blackberry and discovery that I can forward voicemails from my work VOIP phone to my email. I am not a big fan of telephone conversations.

Social media 'hacks' are another story. I spend obscene amount of time on social media, in fact I have no doubt I have some degree of addiction. And just like with gadgets, there is nothing better than realising you have a tech issue and then resolving it, having tapped into collective online wisdom. My recent achievements here include figuring out how to erase posts in iPad application on Facebook and finally understanding how to use Twitter. You can tell I am not an early adopter.

And recently it dawned on me. These eureka moments happening more often lately is not an accident, it's the fact of life. Life where we have so many gadgets and applications that 'hacking' them means being able to use their functionality to the fullest.

Its no longer ok to be a passive consumer. You have to personalise your gadgets, adapt them, make them go further. You are expected to get a standard hardware with standard software and then hack them.

Before it used to be a handful of people, early adopters, who enjoyed doing that. They are still out there and they are doing wonderful things, probably working alongside manufacturers on improvements and enhancements of the latest gadgets. However everyone now has to be and is expected to be an early adopter, a hacker. You have to hack.

Next time you struggle with a gadget or don't know how to make it work the way you want, I urge you to change your mindset and try a new approach - instead of complaining on design or giving up, go online and google your problem. Then click through and read at least through 3 links. Try the solutions they suggest. And enjoy the eureka moment and that top-of-the-world feeling that anything is possible.


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