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The New Rules of Marketing and PR

I have decided I need to know about the new rules of digital marketing from the experts. I have done it the old style and got 3 top selling books on new digital marketing from amazon. Having skipped through them, I have established the favourite which I am reading this very minute. It's titled The New Rules of Marketing and PR and is by David Meerman Scott, one of the experts in how it's done in the new digital world. I ran into an excerpt which I thought I'd share in case you have not yet had a chance to read the book. Based on my experience with PR in the last couple of years, I found it to be absolutely true. See what you think.

The old rules of PR:

1) The only way to get ink and airtime was through the media;

2) Companies communicated to journalists via press releases;

3) Nobody saw the actual press release except a handful of reporters and editors;

4) Companies had to have significant news before they were allowed to write a press release;

5) Jargon was okay because the journalists all understood it;

6) You weren't supposed to send a release unless it included quotes from third parties, such as customers, analysts, and experts;

7) The only way buyers would learn about the press release's content was if the media wrote a story about it;

8) The only way to measure the effectiveness of press releases was through 'clip books', which noted each time the media deigned to pick up a company's press release;

9) PR and marketing were separate disciplines run by different people with separate goals, strategies, and measurement techniques.

None of this is true anymore. The Web has transformed the rules, and you must transform your PR strategies to make the most of the Web-enabled marketplace of ideas.

Secret Marketer

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