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Development 2.0

I am surprised to hear complaints on employers saving and hence not providing any development opportunities to their employees. I am surprised to hear that trainings are the only way of professional development. I am surprised to hear that trainings are expensive, take loads of time and you never know who will be there. Hence, forget it. Too much work anyway.

Alas, in light of quickly changing economic environment, the marketer (or any other specialist) who does not develop, loses his/ her market value. In the times that we live in, it takes a year, if not less, to lose track of what's going on.

Trainings are great. It's even better if employer pays for them, though in such case employer is of course expected to provide return on the investment. Far better is when trainings are for free - their organiser is willing to sell you a service or a product, and instead of expensive PR campaign chooses this amazing way of adding value.

But if neither nor are available to you, or you simply haven't got time, Internet is all you need really.

So where can a marketer (or any other specialist) look for knowledge online? First destination - youtube.com. You most probably are familiar with it from the entertainment side. However did you know that youtube also features educational videos on leadership, motivation and business? You will have to look, the video may be in English only and it may be split into several videos, well, no one said education comes easy. And remember - it's for free.

Similar, yet so different, to youtube is ted.com. It's a community of interesting and scaringly intelligent people, specialists in their areas, who share knowledge through short videos. Entrepreneurs, scientists, activists, people with interesting ideas. If language is an issue for you, no problem, they have a Russian version of some videos - translated by volunteers.

Of course, there is also miriad of blogs and newsletters. Among my subscriptions are newsletters from advertology.ru, sostav.ru and loyalty.info, Google Alerts (fantastic news monitoring tool based on keywords). Besides, I also get a number of e-newsletters and track a number blogs in English.

One word about webinars (webinar = web + seminar). Webinars usually are free, used to promote a specific company and their service or product, yet are of amazing learning value. I frequently attend webinars on social and new media, the best ones in this area, in my opinion, are from hubspot.com.

Finally, if you want to make a first step and have no idea where to start, and you are a marketer, entrepreneur, businessman or just curious, I recommend any of Seth Godin's books. I have been religiously following Seth's blog for several years and this must be perhaps the only living marketer who shared so much knowledge with me (and millions around the world)... for free. Seth talks about new marketing which is far away from Kotler basics. So if you decided to make a first step in your professional development, read Seth's book, or get subscribed to his blog. Trust me - so much knowledge for free you will get nowhere else.

Sincerely yours,

Secret Marketer

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