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Glencore and Qatar take stake worth 10bn in Rosneft
Oil trader secures 220,000 b/d supply deal for just 300m outlay
8 2016 | Viewed: 107 | News / Theme of day | Read full
OPEC Said to Accept Natural Declines for Part of Non-OPEC Cuts
OPEC wont insist that all countries participating in a global oil-supply accord actively cut their production, accepting natural output declines from some nations, according to three oil officials familiar with the matter.
8 2016 | Viewed: 98 | News / Theme of day | Read full
Top US bankers look to Trump administration to help big finance
Chief executives raise hopes at conference of lower taxes and lighter regulations
8 2016 | Viewed: 99 | News / Theme of day | Read full
American Shale Companies' Rush to Hedge Is Turning the Oil Market Upside Down
U.S. shale oil companies are using the post-OPEC rally to hedge their oil price risk for next year and 2018 above $50 a barrel, bankers, merchants and brokers said, pushing the forward oil curve upside down.
8 2016 | Viewed: 82 | News / Theme of day | Read full
OPEC Deal Hinged on 2 a.m. Phone Call and It Nearly Failed
After months of meetings from Doha to Moscow, it was a 2 a.m. phone call between two of the most powerful men in the global oil industry that finally broke the impasse.
5 2016 | Viewed: 87 | News / Theme of day | Read full
Mnuchin set to be Trumps Treasury secretary
Former Goldman banker is latest Wall Street veteran to join incoming administration
2 2016 | Viewed: 138 | News / Theme of day | Read full
Why OPEC negotiations are so important for Saudi Arabia and the oil price
Hedge-fund managers, commodities traders, ex-spooks and hacks all converge on Vienna on November 30th for the annual jamboree of OPEC, the oil producers cartel.
2 2016 | Viewed: 135 | News / Theme of day | Read full
OPEC Pushes for Oil Deal as Saudis Open Door for No Output Cut
OPEC is embarking on a last-ditch diplomatic push to reach a production cut, with ministers flying to Russia for talks, as Saudi Arabia for the first time suggested the oil-club doesnt necessarily need to curb output.
29 2016 | Viewed: 126 | News / Theme of day | Read full
New Milestone: The U.S. Is Now a Net Exporter of Natural Gas
The country will be the worlds third-largest producer of liquefied natural gas for export by 2020, according to the Energy Department
29 2016 | Viewed: 112 | News / Theme of day | Read full
Donald Trump expected to name Wilbur Ross as commerce secretary
Billionaire investor with long-running interest in trade and economic policy
25 2016 | Viewed: 175 | News / Theme of day | Read full
US Fed moves closer to raising interest rates
November minutes show officials increasingly thought bank should increase soon
24 2016 | Viewed: 146 | News / Theme of day | Read full
Kazakh President Nazarbayev Says Power Wont Be Family Business
Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said he wont hand power to his children to succeed him, as the former Soviet Unions longest-serving ruler delays democratic reforms amid the countrys worst economic downturn in nearly two decades.
24 2016 | Viewed: 150 | News / Theme of day | Read full
Big Western Companies Are Pumping Cash Into Russia
Even before the U.S. presidential election raised hopes of warmer ties with the Kremlin, some big Western companies were betting Russias economy will soon come out of the deep freeze.
24 2016 | Viewed: 138 | News / Theme of day | Read full
As Trump disses TPP, China says to 'play role' in Asia-Pacific integration
China will "play its role" in promoting economic integration in the Asia-Pacific, the foreign ministry said on Wednesday, after U.S. President-elect Donald Trump said he would kill an ambitious regional trade pact.
24 2016 | Viewed: 127 | News / Theme of day | Read full
APEC leaders commit to fighting 'all forms' of protectionism
Pacific rim leaders said on Sunday that they were committed to fighting "all forms of protectionism," and encouraged signatories of the TPP trade pact to continue supporting it despite fears it may not have a future in its current form.
23 2016 | Viewed: 117 | News / Theme of day | Read full
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