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China GDP growth slips to 6.4% in fourth quarter
Rate is lowest since the global financial crisis, but full year growth of 6.6% exceeds target

21 2019 | Viewed: 74 | News / Theme of day | Read full
Trump Pulls U.S. Delegation Out of Davos Forum, Citing Shutdown

President Donald Trump canceled the U.S. delegations trip to the global economic summit in Davos hours after he denied House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a plane to visit U.S. troops in Afghanistan

18 2019 | Viewed: 133 | News / Theme of day | Read full
The FT View
The impact of Chinas slowdown is spreading

15 2019 | Viewed: 115 | News / Theme of day | Read full
China's exports shrink most in 2 years, raising risks for global economy
Chinas exports unexpectedly fell the most in two years in December and imports also contracted, pointing to further weakness in the worlds second-largest economy in 2019 and deteriorating global demand
14 2019 | Viewed: 114 | News / Theme of day | Read full
China Posts Record Trade Surplus With U.S. Despite Tariff Offensive
Robust American demand for Chinese goods undercut the Trump administrations tariff offensive aimed at narrowing the lopsided trade gap
14 2019 | Viewed: 107 | News / Theme of day | Read full
China's foreign trade hits historic high in 2018
China's foreign trade rose 9.7 percent year-on-year to a historic high of 30.51 trillion yuan (about US$4.5 trillion) in 2018, the General Administration of Customs (GAC) said Monday
14 2019 | Viewed: 69 | News / Theme of day | Read full
Mnuchin Called Top U.S. Bank Executives on Market Stability
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin called top executives from the six largest U.S. banks over the weekend, he said Sunday on Twitter, a move that followed heavy losses in the stock market last week and a partial federal government shutdown
24 2018 | Viewed: 87 | News / Theme of day | Read full
US Treasury tries to calm nerves after tumultuous week
Government shutdown adds to unease amid reports that Trump looked at sacking Fed chair

24 2018 | Viewed: 103 | News / Theme of day | Read full
Fed raises interest rates, signals more hikes ahead
After weeks of market volatility and calls by President Donald Trump for the Federal Reserve to stop raising interest rates, the U.S. central bank instead did it again, and stuck by a plan to keep withdrawing support from an economy it views as strong

20 2018 | Viewed: 94 | News / Theme of day | Read full
Sharp stock market sell-off on Fed rate rise
US equity investors deliver worst response since 1994 as central bank makes fourth move for the year

20 2018 | Viewed: 115 | News / Theme of day | Read full
Feds Powell under pressure over rate rises
US president urges central bank to call off planned December increase

19 2018 | Viewed: 98 | News / Theme of day | Read full
The Fed needs a new strategy for 2019
As growth slows and markets wobble the central bank must take care
19 2018 | Viewed: 70 | News / Theme of day | Read full
Fed expected to raise rates, may signal fewer hikes ahead
The U.S. Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates on Wednesday, but may cut the number of hikes it anticipates next year and signal an earlier end to its monetary tightening in the face of financial market volatility and rising recession fears
19 2018 | Viewed: 90 | News / Theme of day | Read full
The Old U.S. Trade War With Japan Looms Over Todays Dispute With China
The Reagan administration won big concessions at the time, with dire effects on the Japanese economy

14 2018 | Viewed: 75 | News / Theme of day | Read full
Exclusive: China makes first big U.S. soybean purchase since Trump-Xi truce
China on Wednesday made its first major purchases of U.S. soybeans since President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping struck a trade war truce earlier this month, providing some relief to U.S. farmers who have struggled to find buyers for their record-large harvest

13 2018 | Viewed: 106 | News / Theme of day | Read full
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