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Enhancing competitiveness and public procurement in Kazakhstan

ASTANA, 10 March 2010 - A new EU-financed project opens a survey for stakeholders of public procurement market to express their viewpoints and provide suggestions for improvement of public procurement in Kazakhstan. The project supports the efforts of the government of Kazakhstan in enhancing transparency, economic efficiency and competitiveness of public procurement system, thereby improving prospects for the national economy.

Within more than a year, the project team will undertake an accurate analysis of the regulatory context, structure and dynamics of public procurement system in Kazakhstan. By the use of a special web-portal (kindly assisted by E-Commerce Center), by personal visits and telephone interviews the project team will reach as many stakeholders in local public procurement sector as possible.

"We are looking forward to cooperate with all stakeholders of the public procurement system in Kazakhstan. We hope that with a help of questionnaires we will get an overall picture of public procurement system in the country and outline the most problematic areas", the team leader of the project, Ms Dora Bentsen says.

Source: EU Delegation to Kazakhstan

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