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KIMEP International Conference includes free hands-on training in journalism, public relations, new media

Journalism, public relations and marketing are undergoing tremendous changes in the 21st Century, and much more change is imminent because of the Internet, says KIMEP Associate Professor Ken Harvey, Ph.D.

Dr. Harvey is one of dozens of local and international professors and professionals providing their free training at the KIMEP International Conference on March 25-27 on the campus of the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research, located at Abai and Dostyk Streets in Almaty.

Discussion topics at the conference include:

- The Future is the Internet.

- The Impact of Convergence Technologies on Society.

- Case Studies of Convergence Technology.

- Journalism and Public Relations Education in Kazakhstan.

- Review of Online Educational Tools Available Now Online.

- Hands-on Digital Photography.

- Hands-on Internet Communication Tools.

- Creative Broadcasting.

- Principles of Media Management.

- The Future of Online Journalism.

- The Role of Public Relations in Central Asia.

- Challenges of Online Public Relations.

- Human Rights, Refugees and the Media.

- Women's Issues in the Media.

- Vision and Plan for a New Educational TV Channel in Kazakhstan.

In addition to the more than 80 free workshops and presentations, the KIMEP Department of Journalism and Mass Communication is sponsoring a writing competition for university, college and high school students. The topic of the writing competition is, "How the Internet will Change the World."

Each essay is limited to just 400 words and must be submitted in English. However, students can use Google translator or other translation aids. Participants who attend the conference will receive certificates, and the top writers will receive monetary awards: 15.000Tg first place, 10.000 second place, 5.000 third place, and five 2.000 fourth-place awards. The top award-winners will read their papers at the conference.

DEADLINE for submitting essays is March 18. Submit them to Dr. Ken Harvey, JMC Department, KIMEP, 4 Abai, Valikhanov 413, Almaty 050010. Essays can also be submitted by email at kharvey@kimep.kz. Please include name, age, school/university, phone number and email address.

Presenters at the conference include:

- Adrian Krupchansky, CEO, and Sergei, CTO, of Russia's top Internet company, NotaMedia.

- Mariana Gurina, KTK-TV producer and director of a new educational TV channel.

- Assel Karaulova, President of Kazakhstan Press Club, CEO of PG Communications, and co-founder of PRshy public relations club.

- Zhanna Prashkevich, Editor/Writer for Nur.kz and PR practitioner.

- Inessa Shlapak, Online Journalist and organizer for BarCamp association.

- Zhanna Dossova, Regional Public Information Assistant Officer for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

- Tim Becherer, KIMEP instructor and former Video Editor at E! Entertainment in Hollywood.

- Andrey Sidorin, Communications Specialist for the United Nations Development Fund for Women.

- Zarina Tapinova, Chief Specialist of CRM's National Business magazine.

- Sergey Karpov, National Programme Specialist, UNESCO.

- Elvira Pak, Director of Kazakhstan Office of Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

- Natalya Eskova, Senior PR Specialist, GSM Kazakhstan/Kcell.

- Aida Dossaeva, Corporate Communications Director of GSM Kazakhstan/Kcell.

- Erzhan Suleimenov, Institute of Media Standards.

- Galiya Ibrayeva, Dean of Journalism, al-Farabi KazNU.

- Bagila Ahatova, Vice President of Kazakh State University.

- Tulebike Kulgildinova, Department Chair, Kazakh State University of International Relations and World Languages.

- Darya Mussina, Project Manager of Sea2Sky.

- Yekaterina Menovchshikova, in charge of Kazkommerbanz's online financial social network program.

- Frederick Emrich, Chair of KIMEP Department of Journalism & Mass Communication.

- Gulnar Assanbayeva, Senior Lecturer, KIMEP University.

- Almatai Zhussupova, Senior Lecturer, Kostanay State University.

- Yuriy Bibikov, KIMEP Web Designer & Instructor of Computer Graphics & Digital Photography.

- Ken Harvey, former Newspaper Reporter, Editor and Publisher, now KIMEP Associate Professor.

"To receive free training from such top professionals is a rare opportunity," says Dr. Harvey. "Please join us at the KIMEP International Conference March 25-27".

For more information, contact Gulnar Assanbayeva at +7 (727) 270 42 96 or gulnar@kimep.kz.

Source: KIMEP

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