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KIMEP students receive new media center as gift from ExxonMobil Kazakhstan

Almaty, Kazakhstan -The Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research (KIMEP) has launched a new modern multimedia production center, called "ExxonMobil Media Center."

"Journalism and Mass Communications students are getting a long-needed expansion of facilities consisting of three auditoria, equipped with professional tools to learn convergent journalism and digital communications," says Ken Harvey, Ph.D, acting chair of KIMEP's Department of Journalism and Mass Communication.

"The new media center will allow future journalists, PR specialists and media managers to develop their broadcasting and photojournalism skills," says Harvey. "The new digital equipment will help students design internet publications, produce video films, master the art of cinematography and editing, work with sound, and produce creative audiovisual advertisements."

The new equipment, worth $37,000, is sponsored by ExxonMobil Kazakhstan Inc. (ExxonMobil), which has been providing significant financial support to KIMEP in its pursuit of international accreditation.

"ExxonMobil believes that investments in education deliver profound and lasting benefits for all community members and serve as a catalyst for economic and social development," said Gulnar Nugman, ExxonMobil's Public Affairs Advisor, at the ribbon-cutting ceremony on October 27. "The ExxonMobil Media Center at KIMEP will deliver the opportunity for students to perfect their journalism and media skills to make a greater contribution to Kazakh society."

The ExxonMobil Media Center not only expands opportunities for professional education. Per suggestion of the JMC Advisory Board, it will host an International Press Club to allow students to network with local and international journalists after regular classes, said Harvey.

The new media center also reinforces the important relationship between KIMEP and ExxonMobil.

"I am immensely grateful to ExxonMobil for their support of KIMEP," said Dr. Chan Young Bang, the president of KIMEP."This is an important addition to KIMEP's facilities that will be greatly beneficial to its students."

The new media center also expands international cooperation in training of practicing journalists of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Thus, with support of long-time partner the Asia-Pacific Institute of Broadcasting Development, in February 2010 the Center will host a seminar for Central Asian TV journalists covering environmental issues.

Another facet of the work the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications performs in cooperation with UNESCO, implementation of new methods in teaching journalism, will also get a new impetus with the inauguration of the new center.The ExxonMobil Media Center will host seminars and training for journalism teachers from regional universities.

Source: KIMEP

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