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Transparency Kazakhstans Board of Trustees appointed Alimzhan Sailybaev as Executive Director

Transparency Kazakhstan's Board of Trustees appointed Alimzhan Sailybaev as Executive Director. The appointment of Mr. Sailybaev is the result of an open competition for the position of Executive Director at Transparency Kazakhstan. All Board members agreed that Mr. Alimzhan Sailybaev can effectively continue work on reducing systemic corruption in the Republic of Kazakhstan, create new strategies for organizational development in accordance to the best international practices, and also preserve adherence to the activity, initiated by Sergei Zlotnikov and Vitaly Voronov, founders of anti-corruption movement in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Mr. Alimzhan Sailybaev - Expert in development and innovations. Studied International Relations at the Kainar University (Almaty, Kazakhstan), has Master Degree in Business and Cultural studies at the City University (London, the United Kingdom). His impressive breadth of experience has included posts of Project Manager in Counterpart Consortium, United Nations Development Programme in the Republic of Kazakhstan. He also actively participated in the activity of the Polyton Discussion Club headed by prof. Nurbulat Massanov. In cooperation with British consulting firm he initiated a project on creation of the Innovation Centre at the Kazakh National University after Al-Farabi. Present time he is the one of founders at the L.E.S. Creative Cluster.

Also Board of Trustees of the Civic Foundation "Transparency Kazakhstan" adopted changes into the structure of the Board members. Alim Sailybaev became a new Board member in accordance to the Charter provisions (non- voting), Natalia Malyarchuk elected as the new Chair of the Board of Trustees. Earlier, this position held Vitaly Voronov.

Coming of new team is the natural stage in development of organization with almost 15-years' history. Speaking of his appointment, Mr. Sailybaev said: It is very important to ensure a succession in the work of the Foundation. Accumulated over 14 years' experience and achievements should not and will not be lost. Especially, Mr. Zlotnikov and Mr. Voronov are our founders and going to take an active part in our common work. We would like to create a positive example the change of generations and leadership in the non-governmental sector of Kazakhstan, where such important changes positively influence the development and implementation of the organization's mission.

Transparency International - Kazakhstan (TK) - non-governmental and not-for-profit organization aimed at work in the field of counteracting corruption. We are working on carrying out of researches and developing of recommendations on extermination the corruption on system level. Corruption breaks social development, undermines moral principles in the society, distorts and deprives market relationships, favors poverty of the people. Transparency International - Kazakhstan is a National Chapter of the Transparency International leading organization on fight against corruption founded in 1993. TK assists with the support of citizens, businessmen and state institutions, at carrying out of democratic reforms, providing transparency of the government and society, and decreasing the level of corruption both on national and international levels.

Office 41, 85 Karasai Batyr str., 050026, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Tel: +7 (727) 2 72 69 81

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