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Eurasian Bank Joins KazPrime Agreement

5 December 2012 Eurasian Bank entered the Kazakhstan Interbank Deposit Indicator (KazPrime) Agreement. This is a reflection of Eurasian Bank's high credit quality and excellent reputation on the interbank money market of Kazakhstan as well as its active operations on the market and financial stability.

According to Michael Eggleton, CEO of Eurasian Bank: "The inclusion of Eurasian Bank as a member of KazPrime is another indicator of the strength and importance of our Bank in the Kazakh banking sector. This is a welcome news as it will enable us to deliver better service and access to our clients".

KazPrime is a price index of Kazakhstan currency Interbank deposit operations defined by Kazakhstan-based banks with the best credit quality. KazPrime is a daily index based on quotes submitted to KASE's trade system by the members of the Agreement. The number of the parties to the Agreement is limited to ten and cannot be less than 5.

Eurasian Bank applied to KASE to join KazPrime Agreement on 6 November 2012. The application was reviewed and approved by other KazPrime members in accordance with the procedures. The Bank has been submitting quotes to KASE trade system since 6 December 2012.

As of today the parties to KazPrime Agreement are Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC, ATFBank JSC, Subsidiary Bank RBS (Kazakhstan), Kazkommertsbank JSC and BankCenterCredit JSC.

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