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The roundtable in Astana

On July 3, Astana will host participants of the roundtable Problems and Prospects of State Order for Information Campaign in Mass Media. International media experts from Russia, Lithuania, Georgia, media lawyers from Kazakhstan, journalists, media owners, representative of local and international NGOs and state authorities will take part in the discussion.

Annually mass media in Kazakhstan receive above 2 bln tenge ($13 mln) from Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Information solely to conduct state informational policy. The same sum is allocated by local authorities, such as offices of governors of regions and city halls.

Who and how formulates topics of round lots? Why do the same mass media win in state tenders every year? How the efficiency evaluated budget money is spent with? Does the current system promote competition at the local media market? These and many other questions will be discussed at the roundtable next week.

At the roundtable, organizers of the event will present an electronic database of all local mass media that have received state aid in form of state order to conduct informational policy in Kazakhstan. They will also present an analysis of European approach and experience in this sphere done by international human rights NGO Article 19.

The roundtable is aimed to discuss existing problems, to evaluate prospects and to develop practical recommendation in order to improve transparency and efficiency of state aid to mass media, taking into account international experience in this sphere.

The event is organized by Legal Media Center Public Foundation, Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Kazakhstan, Soros Foundation Kazakhstan.

The roundtable will take place on July 9, from 9:30 am until 2:00 pm. Venue: Grand Park Esil Hotel, Turkiz Hall (Beybetshilik street 8, Astana).

To register and for more information please contact Media Center Public Foundation at +7 (7172) 97 46 09, or at email mediastana@gmail.com.

Source: Media Center Public Foundation

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