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Fox Business Channel brought an action against US Treasury Department (Ministry of Finance)

American Fox Business Network (FBN) Channel brought an action against USA Ministry of Finance. As it is reported on the channel's web-site Ministry broke Freedom of Information Act with not providing journalists information about funds intended for enterprises' saving from bankruptcy. Freedom of Information Act that is in power since 1967 obligates federal state bodies to show their materials to people. Initial request handed by FBN in November was about funds given for American International Group (AIG) and Bank of New York Mellon. On December 1 there was another request by the Channel concerning funds given for Citigroup.

"Ministry of Finance invariably ignored our requests to provide us with information how given funds were used by the companies which were in difficult situation. In crucial times when both corruption and economic crisis are rising we as the news organization consider that control over Government's actions must be more important than ever" - said Fox News Executive Vice - President Kevin Magee, who is responsible for FBN effective management.

Source: Lenta.ru

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