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II-nd Astana economic forum planned in March

This year II-nd Astana economic forum is planned in March on the topic: "Economic safety in Eurasia in the system of global risks," said minister of economy and budget planning of Kazakhstan Bakhyt Sultanov.

"I think that having hot discussions, which we see on various meetings, including recently passed Davos forum, the Astana venue will allow to discuss certain problems and measures on overcoming the situation in the region," B. Sultanov stated.

According to B. Sultanov, at the moment over 200 scientists-economists from 51 countries and 15 international organizations, including Nobel prize laureates on economy Edmund Felps and Rovbert Mandel, president of Islamic bank of development Akhmad Mukhammad Alil, ex-president of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development Jean Lemierre.

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