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Google shadow over new media groups

Google is developing technology that could position it to compete with a new breed of digital media companies that are generating story ideas for the internet by mining online search data for under-covered topics.

18 2010 | Viewed: 588 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Le Monde sets deadline to find buyer

Le Monde, France's most venerable newspaper, last night set a new deadline of June 28 for finding a buyer, a timetable that leaves only two potential candidates, including France Telecom, in the race to recapitalise the cash-strapped daily.

16 2010 | Viewed: 494 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
China prepares to invest in Greek projects

China is eyeing investments valued at several billion euros in Greek shipping, logistics and airport projects to be discussed during the second visit to Athens in four weeks by a high-ranking Beijing official.

16 2010 | Viewed: 555 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
US targets $20bn BP pay-out

Shares in BP tumbled more than 9 per cent on Monday as US Democratic senators called on the multinational oil company to inject $20bn immediately into a ring-fenced fund to clean up the Gulf of Mexico spill.

16 2010 | Viewed: 539 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Salary of PM's spin doctor exceeds Clegg's

Andy Coulson, the Downing Street spin doctor, is giving up almost half his annual salary to join the government - but will still be earning more than Nick Clegg and just 2,500 less than the prime minister.

12 2010 | Viewed: 496 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
ECB leaves interest rates at 1%

The European Central Bank left its main interest rate unchanged at 1 per cent on Thursday as it sought to restore investor confidence in the eurozone while rebuilding its credibility with financial markets - and a sceptical German public.

12 2010 | Viewed: 719 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
PersonalFinance: The rising price of raising kids

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Kevin Costner just had his seventh child -- Oh well, he can afford it. According to a recently released Department of Agriculture report, it now costs as much as $475,680 to raise a child to age 18.

12 2010 | Viewed: 474 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Ukraine channels cry foul as frequencies pulled

Two Ukrainian television channels cried foul on Tuesday after a high court pulled crucial broadcasting frequencies away from them, sparking media freedom activists to reiterate concerns of an organized attempt to block objective news coverage.

9 2010 | Viewed: 568 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Kremlin plans to cut jobs by 20%

Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president, has ordered the government to prepare plans to cut up to 20 per cent of government staff.

9 2010 | Viewed: 661 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
RBS draws up shortlist for £4bn asset sale

Royal Bank of Scotland has stepped up its asset sell-off programme, and drawn up shortlists for two key businesses that are expected to fetch about 4bn ($6bn) for the government-backed bank.

9 2010 | Viewed: 511 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Rating firms face EU shake-up

The European Commission on Wednesday moved to increase competition in the credit rating business by requiring that the information on which many ratings are based is accessible to all rating firms.

4 2010 | Viewed: 514 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Rating agencies face fresh questions

Credit rating agencies again step into the spotlight on Wednesday as a Congressional commission grills Warren Buffett, the billionaire investor, and former and current executives from Moody's Investors Service about the sector's role in the financial crisis.

3 2010 | Viewed: 557 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Abu Dhabi to create regional semiconductor hub

Abu Dhabi on Tuesday announced plans to bring the global chipmaking industry to the Middle East, as the oil-rich emirate seeks to diversify its economy into knowledge-based industries.

3 2010 | Viewed: 544 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
IMF: The Party's Over for Azerbaijan's Oil Sector

Baku may still sport all the signs of energy wealth, but, after an almost decade-long boom, the International Monetary Fund is cautioning that Azerbaijan's oil sector no longer has enough muscle to power economic growth alone.

31 2010 | Viewed: 506 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
China fund very concerned on shaky eurozone

China's main sovereign wealth fund is "very concerned" about short-term market fluctuations resulting from instability in the eurozone, according to the fund's president.

29 2010 | Viewed: 669 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
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