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Commerzbank prepares for end of state support

Commerzbank is preparing for a withdrawal of German state support by asking shareholders to agree to a range of capital-raising measures, including a large minority stake in the bank being sold directly to another investor.

20 2010 | Viewed: 523 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Dubai investment business hit by $562m loss

The investment arm of Dubai International Financial Centre, the emirate's tax-free financial district, reported a net loss of $562m for 2009 as it wrote down real estate and business investments in the emirate.

4 2010 | Viewed: 645 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Pearson revenues up 12% in first quarter

Dame Marjorie Scardino, chief executive of Pearson, told shareholders that the company had enjoyed its "best year" in spite of the challenging circumstances of 2009, as she also reported revenues up 12 per cent in the first quarter of 2010.

4 2010 | Viewed: 557 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Chinese banks forced to raise reserves again

China's central bank said on Sunday it will raise the amount banks must hold in reserve for a third time this year, the latest move by Beijing to cool its booming economy.

4 2010 | Viewed: 615 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Sberbank on road to launch Eurobond

Sberbank, the state-controlled bank, will kick off a roadshow next month for what may be the first eurobond from a Russian lender since the country's $5.5bn sovereign issue last week.

3 2010 | Viewed: 580 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Obama picks nominees to fill Fed vacancies

Barack Obama on Thursday moved to fill three remaining vacancies on the board of the Federal Reserve in an attempt to put his administration's stamp on the central bank at a key juncture for the US economy.

2 2010 | Viewed: 503 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
IMF needs no sympathy over bank taxes

Should we feel sorry for the International Monetary Fund? Quite often, the answer is Yes. When countries cannot agree, they pass an international hot potato to the fund, it writes an equivocal report and then gets it in the neck when the countries, which have not changed their minds, do not like the conclusions.

22 2010 | Viewed: 512 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Brazil and India add to China pressure

China is facing growing pressure from other developing countries to begin appreciating its currency, providing unexpected allies for the US in the diplomatic tussle over Beijing's exchange rate policy.

22 2010 | Viewed: 648 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Cabbage crunch threatens Koreas national dish

Runaway cabbage prices in South Korea are threatening supplies of kimchi, the national dish.

20 2010 | Viewed: 548 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Citigroup earns $4.4bn in first quarter

Citigroup said on Monday that it produced its strongest quarterly profit since 2007 during the first three months of the year, as an improving economy and better credit conditions powered its earnings.

20 2010 | Viewed: 508 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Lunch with the FT: Jacob Rothschild

I don't, you know, usually give interviews. So if you decide to write anything, I'd rather it wasn't about me." With this unpromising plea for discretion, my host Jacob Rothschild offers a glass of Chteau Duhart-Milon 2000, a Rothschild wine - his cellars contain 15,000 bottles, going back to 1870 - and insists that what is interesting is not himself but "what we're doing at Waddesdon", the National Trust property that houses the Rothschild collection.

19 2010 | Viewed: 615 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Goldman and Deutsche take lead in China bank IPO

Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank have secured lead roles in the blockbuster initial public offering of Agricultural Bank of China.

16 2010 | Viewed: 539 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Ex-Citi chiefs say sorry for loan losses

Chuck Prince and Robert Rubin on Thursday apologised for Citigroup's severe losses on mortgage related securities but insisted that there was nothing wrong with the company's risk management ahead of the financial crisis.

12 2010 | Viewed: 559 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Poland steps in to stem zlotys rise

The Polish zloty suffered its sharpest fall in two months on Friday after the country's central bank intervened to stem the currency's recent rapid rise.

12 2010 | Viewed: 539 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
Central Europes appeal wanes for media groups

Central and eastern European television markets will recover the losses made during the downturn by 2012, and big international players such as News Corp and RTL will miss opportunities for a return to growth, the chief executive of CME, one of the biggest broadcasters in the region, told the Financial Times.

9 2010 | Viewed: 503 | News / Review of Mass Media | Read full
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