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The first meeting of the Press Club of JSC "Eurasian Bank"


June 17, 2011 the first meeting of the Press Club of JSC "Eurasian Bank" took place at equestrian center "Altyn-Tai" in the Butakovka gorge.

Agenda of the meeting was opened by the round table entitled "The loan portfolio quality: Risks and Opportunities" discussing criteria for the loan portfolio assessment in national and international practices, credit risk management and scoring systems, experience of the "Eurasian Bank" in the development of technologies designed to improve the quality of credit assets, forecasts for the quality of 2011 STB Kazakhstan loan portfolio. Round table speakers included Michael EGGLETON, Chairman of the Board, JSC "Eurasian Bank", and Roman MASHCHYK, Deputy Chairman, who have also congratulated media representatives with the coming Journalism Day.

Then journalists attended special equestrian master class from KSK "Altyn-Tai", and everyone was offered a horse ride. In the end of the day international equestrian competitions (dressage) took place as part of the IV Championship in Central Asia.

Members of the "Center for Business Journalism "BizMedia" PF's Media Club were among participants of the first meeting of the Press Club of JSC "Eurasian Bank".

Executive Director of the Press Club of JSC "Eurasian Bank" is Inna DUBROVINA, Head of PR, Marketing Department of the bank.

Within the framework of the meeting, a roundtable on the topic "The loan portfolio quality: Risks and Opportunities," which was initiated by members of the Bank's Press Club, was held.


During the round table, which was in a form of interactive communication, such topical issues as criteria for assessing the loan portfolio, loan risks management technologies and modern scoring systems were discussed. The participants exchanged views on the prospects of improving the quality of loan portfolios of Kazakhstani second tier banks in 2011.



The Chairman of the Board of "Eurasian Bank" JSC Michael Eggleton set the tone to the meeting. In his opening speech he stated that the quality of loan portfolios is one of the most crucial issues both for the Kazakhstan's banking system, and the global banking system as a whole.

As is known, today Kazakhstani banks led by the country's National Bank are strongly engaged in solving the issue of cleaning the loan portfolios from toxic assets. And the success of solving this problem will strongly effect the banking sector participation in the economic development of Kazakhstan.

According to Michael Eggleton, during 2010 the Eurasian Bank as a whole managed to clean up its credit portfolio from problem loans and to raise its quality to an acceptable level.

The Bank proceeded and proceeds from the fact that when dealing with such issues it's necessary to take into account not only the Bank's interests, but also clients' ones.

Next, Deputy Chairman of the Eurasian Bank Roman Maszczyk at the request of the roundtable participants informed the participants about the Bank's experience in loan risks management.

According to Mr. Maszczyk, Kazakhstani banks would benefit from a wider implementation of international standards to credit risks management.

For instance, in lending to corporate clients the Eurasian Bank applies internal corporate ratings, which are based on the detailed analysis of cash flows and companies' possibilities to generate them.

In retail lending all decisions are made almost automatically, with the help of the scoring system assessments.

The essence of the scoring system is in the statistical evaluation of the customer's creditworthiness on the basis of analyzing his social, family and demographic characteristics, as well as its financial situation and credit history. With this, customers' scoring-cards need to be continually analyzed and adjusted proceeding from the real picture of the Bank - Borrower relationship.

Thus, the presence of internal corporate ratings system and adequate scoring mechanisms is a prerequisite for effective credit risk management.

The participants of the meeting also focused on the program of improvement of the country's financial sector that is widely discussed in public.

According to the majority of the Press Club members, this program is crucial for post-crisis development of the Kazakhstan banking system. The detailed study of both conceptual and technical issues related to the implementation of the program plays a significant role as well.

While debating on this issue, Michael Eggleton told the meeting participants about the international experience of cleaning the bank loan portfolios from toxic assets.

In conclusion of the roundtable M. Eggleton and R. Maszczyk answered journalists' questions, concerning various banking spheres.


After the lunch in the fresh air members of the Press Club could enjoy riding horses at the equestrian complex "Altyn Thai".


Then the participants were invited to the tribunes to watch the equestrian competitions in dressage, which were conducted within the framework of the IV Central Asian Equestrian Championship.




The top equestrians from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other countries, who were riding thoroughbred (English), Akhal-Teke and Arabian breeds, demonstrated their mastership. Without exaggeration we can say that all the spectators got a sincere pleasure enjoying the true beauty and harmony between a man and a noble animal.

Summing up the first meeting of the Eurasian Bank Press Club, Michael Eggleton congratulated the press on their professional holiday - Day of Journalist and wished them good health and every success in their professional field.

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