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Grand meeting of our city's most popular rock musicians to take place at 'Chukotka' on April, 12


Dear ladies and gentlemen, friends and colleagues who likes rock music!

We would like to inform you about an interesting upcoming event:

First time in our city - ALMAROCKmusic at 'CHUKOTKA'!

April 12, on the Astronautics Anniversary day, a grand meeting of the famous and popular rock musicians of the 90's, 2000's and our days' - people, well known not only for their music - will take place at club 'Chukotka'.

Participants include:

Farhat Ibragimov - 'Roksonaki';

Sergei Konishchev - 'Moloty';

Glory Vereshchagin - 'Chernyj Princ';

Sergei Karpenko;

Sergei Kazannik;

Max Kichigin - 'Uly Tau';


Hard Way;




Vladimir Polyakov ft. Eric W & W;

Igor Chechel - 'Chechel Man Club';

Alexander Kirichenko - 'Fort-post';

Sergei Cherezov and Alexander Slovar' - 'The Triumvirate';

Oleg and Vladimir Tarnowskie - 'Akcent;

Max Saklakov and Tahir Baytulin - 'Death Track';

Nicholas Mikloshich;

Erlan Kokeyev - 'K-7'

and other popular artists and showbiz people, including our beatiful stars - Zhamilya Serkebayeva and Karina Abdullina.

Master of ceremonies: famous stage and screen actor - Sergei Ufimtsev

You can enjoy popular music hits and musicians' songs in relaxed and entertaining atmosphere or get autographs and take pictures with your favourite celebs.

This event will be covered by TV and radio companies as well as print medias.

We are waiting for you on April, 12 at 'Chukotka' bar, from 6 to 7 pm.

Admission tickets - 500 tenge. This is to cover broken guitar strings and strained voices :)

Thanks for your attention!

For any questions please feel free to contact us: +7 701 757 6858, +7 777 757 6858 (Sergey Altantsev)

We are waiting for you!

PS: Dear friends, please forward this message to your friends who likes rock music and enjoys such parties.

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