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Tips for a beginner in business journalism

Bakhytzhan ZhumalievaBakhytzhan Zhumalieva

independent journalist

The main tip that has always to be in mind is - not to do anything in a hurry. Before you start writing an article it is necessary to make preparatory work. Find out as much as possible about a company and its directors. Prepare model questions that have to be complicated, so you will avoid getting answer that will have only one meaning.

So, a journalist has to know business history of a company, time of its creation and development, environment or rather its share on a particular market. How and among whom the company's shares are distributed. And which role the management is playing in strategic decisions' making.

The purpose of the business, and its necessity for the society. The decision about contract or project - to what will it bring and what this will give concretely to the company and country as a whole (incomes in budget, working places, social infrastructure).

What peculiarity will have the future product or project, descriptive particularities, which put it beyond competition in respect of pricing and/or quality and/or length of the raw materials deliveries.

Now let's move from a particular case to general one:

- existing capacity of the market, growth;

- internal and/or international;

- channels of the distribution;

- forecasted growth;

- estimated share of the market (on the base of confirmed estimation).

Hereinafter - the most important question is the financing: the sources, under whose warranties, mechanism of the return, periods of the return. Forecasting of incomes and net income after paying taxes and putting the project into operation. Calculation of the future' profit.

Status and role of the company in the world (in a country, region). Annual turnover and number of employees in comparison with similar project or company.

The second approach can be even deeper. Here figures are analyzed. Indicators of current year are compared with a previous one, or better within several years. If a journalist is in course, then he has his own database and can analyze and compare. Reduction of the profit? Why? Change the profile of activity? Why? Acquisition of the asset? Why? Constantly make analogies.

If a journalist learns to think and analyze, then he/she will not meet significant problems in writing business articles.

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