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IFC trains journalists how to cover the corporate governance

Tulegen AskarovTulegen Askarov

President of Kazakhstan's Business journalism center "BizMedia"

Today's training, organized by International Finance Corporation (IFC), was devoted to the problems of corporate governance coverage in mass media. Independent economic observer, President of Kazakhstan's Business journalism centre Tulegen Askarov was invited to the meeting.

The mission of the trainer was to introduce principles and practice of effective corporate governance in Central Asia - region where the project of IFC is under realization - to those who inform large audience via press or electronic means of mass media. Mr. Askarov introduced participants of the seminar - training among, which were not only journalists and specialists of press department, but also representatives from marketing departments of Republic's leading banks, private companies, with international standards in collecting and preparation of analytical materials concerning corporate management and interpretation of these questions in mass media.

Dushanbe, NIAT Khovar, Lyudmila Dubinina, May, 2008

8 2008 | View: 1 727 | Master-class | Printint version
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