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Bakhytzhan Zhumalieva: Learning others you learn yourself

Zhymalieva BakhytzhanWithin 10 days - from July, 21 till July, 31st, 2009 in Dushanbe city the training was conducted for Tajik journalists working both in state and independent mass-media. Our twenty colleagues at School of economic journalism studied foundations of economy coverage, both in printing and broadcasting mass-media. Bakhytzhan Zhumalieva, the well-known Kazakhstan' business journalist, one of the School trainers, has shared her impressions about training with the users of the Public Foundation "The Center for Business Journalism "BizMedia" web-site.

- What was the main purpose of the training in Dushanbe and who organized it?

- School works within the EU program The Central Asia Invest, promoting increase of mass-media's awareness in economic matters. This training has been organized with support of Internews Europe together with local partners - the Public Union "HOMA" and the National Association of the small and medium-size enterprises. Its purpose was the obtaining and strengthening of journalists' economic knowledge, correct coverage of economic themes in mass-media and analysis of typical errors in electronic and printing coverage of economic matters.

- The trainer's corps, as it was told in the message of Tajik news agency "Asia-plus", was international?

- Magda Walter was the main trainer working within 10 days. She is professional TV reporter with a 20-year-old career in leading media (CNN in the USA; CNBC Asia in Hong Kong; News NBC in Moscow), who has made a big investment into the preparation of young talented journalists for the American news service. She worked as a trainer in many countries of the world training journalists to meet professional standards and main principles of the free press.

Hodzhamuhammad Umarov - Doctor of Economics, Chief of macroeconomic department in the Institute of Economic Research under Ministry of economic development and trade of the RT acted as the adviser for economic matters of Tajikistan . He is well-known expert in economy sphere, the author of numerous scientific works on current economic problems.

Holnazar Muhabbatov, the head of regional economy department of the economic development and trade Ministry of RT read lectures to the journalists on water and power resources problems. As you know Tajikistan occupies the leading position in the world on it's water resources, but today it can't realize it's water-power projects because of absence of investments, that's why there still continue power cutoffs in many regions of the country.

- What are your impressions of the training?

- I had occasion to work in this highly professional team for four days and to tell journalists about problems in coverage of the economic matters, typical errors. For the first time of my trainer work I have understood that learning others, you learn yourself. This time it was interesting to me to work, and I did not only give knowledge, but also received much for myself. It includes dialogues with professional trainer and journalists loving their country, sincerely wishing to change a situation in economy to the best. Form of the training, mixing trainings with lectures of experts in this or that area - is noteworthy itself.

The structure of training is interesting. Were provided not only lectures of trainers, but also practical work of participants. And then the analysis of works. Themes of lectures were very different and creatively formulated. For example, one of the themes was: Journalist's position on the market: "temptation of the player", "temptation of the judge", "temptation of the tribune". The possible positions of the journalist, their pluses and minuses. It was entrusted to me to give a master class, where I should interview the representative of the National bank of Tajikistan together with the Tajik journalists. All was filmed, and then we assorted questions-answers, gestures and a behavior manner of our vis--vis. I want to notice also that very comfortable conditions were created for the training - it passed in sanatorium "Sarob", 30 km away from Dushanbe.

- Any plans for the future?

Training's organizers assume to make similar trainings on a constant basis to create in Tajikistan a pool of economic journalists and to "bring up" own trainers. Now the program for the current year is developed, financing is obtained.

In end of our interview I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all participants of training in Dushanbe and to its organizers, and also to the regional director of the Internews Network Central Asia" Oleg Katsiev and to the president of a PF The Center for Business Journalism BizMedia Tulegen Askarov for the granted possibility to visit Tajikistan, to see this interesting, surprisingly beautiful highland, to communicate to the Tajik colleagues. I also want to wish professional successes to all users of the site www.bizmedia.kz, which was created especially for the development and support of business journalism!

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