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Irina Galkina: The niche we will take, is absolutely free

Irina GalkinaA new issue appeared in April on the media market of Kazakhstan: republican information-advertising newspaper Millionaire aimed at the mass audience - consumers of goods and different services: financial, telecommunication, educational, medical, rest and entertainments industries etc. As publishers of the new newspaper say, its key mission is to form readers' understanding of a financial world.

The editor-in-chief of Millionaire - famous journalist Irina Galkina, who's experience include Leninskaya smena, Caravan, Expert Kazakhstan, and a guidance of the business journal KIT, thinks that readers' reaction on the first number of her newspaper was very positive.

- What's the main purpose of the "Millionaire" newspaper project's start during present crisis times? After all not everyone can become the millionaire in a reality.

- Crisis is a depression of mind. The society can never be in a constant depression. It needs a respite. Before there was a thought to do such newspaper, I too endured depression. And then it suddenly gleamed ... Now people ask me: how do you endure crisis? And I answer: "Excellent", because there is a business which gets me. I see, how those around me react to it. They get surprised.

Therefore, the more there will be not ordinary projects in this hard time, the faster we will get out from it.

You say it's difficult to become a millionaire? It's not! There are a number of very well-founded societies, and million for them is not such a surprise. Do not we deserve such fate? The main thing is to think and aspire. Our newspaper is a startup for those who wish to become rich.

- What's the basis of your edition's business model?

- Very actual question. I will answer in my own way. I don't have business education. I've graduated from faculties of journalism and law. But I have a big professional experience. Everything I do, I do according to my knowledge and intuition. Today I am inspired by thought of famous Ogilvy. Stop giving advertising is just as try to stop hours, to stop time. Now many try to stop hours. But very soon they will understand the recklessness. And then they will hear ours Welcome!

- How is the editorial collective of the newspaper formed - does it include some "stars" or do you create your creative team from "zero"?

- "Stars" as you say, and even "not stars" of journalism estimate themselves too expensive. But they don't cost so much. I am not against journalists having high wages, living in good houses and going by good cars, but, unfortunately, the labor market does not estimate journalists such way. When I was even not usual correspondent, when I entered into top management of known brand editions, unfortunately, I could not allow myself all of it. I do not know why. I asked myself this question many times, but lived from salary to salary. Now I look at the process on the other hand. I still can not presume myself status things, but already for other reason - because journalists whom you wish to employ, cost so expensively that you cannot allow yourself it. And this with the fact that they far do not meet all those requirements to which they should correspond. Then I have faced unpleasant things - type, the girlfriend has buzzed all ears that wishes to work only with you, you consider that much connects you, start to discuss with her any things, and she goes to her boss and says: Galkina will pay me so much, naming absolutely unreal for hers qualification sum. Naturally, he reacts. Certainly, he is "caught", not me. But it is all the same unpleasant that, using your name, people try to speculate. So we will try to work with new, even more perspective and interesting people.

- What niche in the market it is planned to occupy? What are the nearest targets on circulation and advertising?

- The niche, which we will occupy, is absolutely free - I only ask, it is not necessary to rush there by a crowd now! There are a lot of players in the market of free newspapers, but all of them - advertising. Millionaire is a big exception because it is the high-grade information newspaper. Moreover, we think that our newspaper is capable to compete not only in free, but also in the paid newspaper market, because there's simply no newspaper which would not plunge into a policy or in yellowness, and, on the contrary, lived together with readers, answered their numerous questions and served as the present reference point in an everyday life. All founders pursue any aims known only for them, and we are simply ready to serve the people.

As to circulation, now we are financially ready to print only 50 thousand copies. It is not enough for some free newspapers, but it is quite a lot for the paid. Therefore we have decided to combine two models of distribution - paid and free. Free of charge the newspaper will be scattered on post boxes of Almaty residents under the sliding schedule - that means - not always in the same areas. At the same time people who liked the newspaper, can buy it in paid retail networks and from private distributors. I think, 20 tenge is not too much, that it was possible to save on it. Knowledge we bear, cost much more expensive.

At the same time we will increase circulation in favor of Astana and regions. There it is required to the weighed, educational information even more. By autumn of this year we intend to increase circulation to 100-120 thousand copies. But it's not a limit. We want, and, I hope, we become the newspaper-millionaire.

As to interest of advertisers, you will tell that it is self-advertisement, but you've asked it yourself ... "Millionaire" - a unique platform, it is a direct way for the companies to the retail consumer, very needed thing today. Many advertising newspapers are thrown out by packs in urns, because during the crisis necessity to buy, repair, arrange something is postponed. We have an advantage. There is different information in newspaper to be read, that is why advertising on our pages is more appreciable and is more claimed. Besides the prices are quite comprehensible from the point of view of a parity the price/efficiency. After our first number had been published we felt that we can pull an advertising blanket on ourselves.

- Was a reaction of readers to the first number of the newspaper quite expected or there were surprises?

- Of course, we have made the first number the way we would like see it as readers. But, honestly, we did not assume that reaction will be so positive, despite, apparently, such provocative name of the newspaper. But really there's nothing provocative here. There is a powerful power. People call us and thank us for our very noble mission - to help everyone to become rich. We have understood, what this idea is capable to become national ... For this purpose, by the way, super-abilities or super-mind are not necessary.

- How do you evaluate immediate prospects of domestic business and economy as a whole?

- I'm absolutely agree with those who says that crisis is in our minds. More senior colleagues remember, how we have survived - have not died after all - in times when soap and sugar were given under coupons. Now TIME is given for us. To think, overestimate ourselves, to become better, stronger, wiser.

Of course, everybody makes mistakes, including the government. I do not want to criticise - time will place all on the places. Really, today on many of us lies enormous responsibility, and, being afraid to do mistakes, they, on the contrary, make them.

I'm the optimist. Well crisis will not last eternally! And the business card will not undergo some global changes, despite of the many companies it would seem are in. The most important thing - both business, and economy are viable enough. But now the government - may be another one, will be compelled to diversify economy. There's no other way to exit this situation.

- Your wishes to visitors of BizMedia' web-site?

- Optimism, despite of everything!

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