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Marat Zairov: Crisis can change a usual stereotype

Zairov MaratIn the current year during the second wave of a global financial crisis the global changes began in the banking sector of Kazakhstan, which are capable to lead to the appreciable changes on the market of banking services.

It was discussed at the meeting of the Media Club of the Public Foundation The Center for Business Journalism BizMedia on March 17th, 2009, in which the Chairman of the Board of JSC Nurbank Marat ZAIROV has participated as the speaker. During a meeting Mr. Zairov has answered questions of the BizMedia web-site.

- What are the features of private banks' strategy in the new conditions, which have arisen since February in bank sector of Kazakhstan after entry of the state in the capital of leading banks? What are your own impressions after you have changed your place of employment in Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan to Nurbank?

- Really, I now have a possibility to compare the big and small bank. I used to work in large, leading banks, therefore it is difficult and unusual for me to work in smaller bank, especially, for the first time in the rank of chief top-manager. It seems to me that small banks are more flexible, more adaptive to the market conditions, and can afford to make the process of applications' passing and decision-making faster. The bank is easy for seeing - both from head office to regions, and in struggle for quality of servicing. If everything will be OK, it is very important for us to construct a good, hi-tech and convenient for the population bank. By the way, such banks are very popular abroad, so-called home banks, in which people keep their accounts and are served for a long time, they have the stable clientele. And crisis as it seems to me, can change our usual stereotype in the form of hegemony of four leading banks - after all there are also other banks in the country, where people can be served.

On the other hand, there is a question about how will these banks go through the crisis? If it passes normally for this group, we will see a global change of a consumers' behavior in the market of banking services, and it also places additional responsibility at us. The same is about bank' attractiveness in the future for investors, depositors and clients - now it all starts. On all occasions, at a recent meeting with representatives of rating agency Standard&Poor's it has been declared that there is no questions to Nurbank after the last changes.

- What about the bank's market strategy for the next years? How it will be changed, what innovations could be introduced, and what are planned indicators for market's segments?

- We would like to take 5-7% on the average on principal items of the market of small and medium-sized business, and on retail banking in Kazakhstan in comparison with present 3-4%, (on the average, because there is still no accurate statistics about whom we should consider as SMB and retail). We wish to be a universal commercial bank, and we see our potential in the development of crediting SMB and our strengthening in the retail market. For this purpose we need to strengthen in regions, more effectively present our bank and change the ways of work' organization, somewhere if possible to conduct optimization of business processes. Today we see that such possibilities for bank exist, it is only necessary to use them correctly. But there will be no aggressive strategy in the market from us.

As the President of Kazakhstan told - during the crisis, while it's possible, it is necessary not to start something new, but to bring up the rear services. Thus, in Nurbank we need to make now the internal optimization of business processes to be technologically prepared by the time the crisis will end. Today first of all I have invited the managing director for the business processes optimization, who will conduct radical changes in bank, mainly reengineering in interaction with banking technologies, equipment of bank departments.

-What will be bank's PR-strategy?

- Considering specificity of Nurbank the most important thing for us is the openness. In this sense the meeting with leading business journalists of the country within the meeting of Media Club of PF CBJ BizMedia after two weeks of my appointment to the post of the hairman of the bank's Board is indicative. Closeness will not bring today any results. We are ready to discuss all arising problems if they appear (God forbid!). It is important for all - both for depositors, and for readers!

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