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Alexander Novikov: Interest to the business information gets mass character

Novikov AlexanderNumber of the Kazakh business mass-media has grown: since February, 2009 the new daily business newspaper "Focus" is being published. High interest to this event is caused by two reasons. First of all, for the first time in Kazakhstan the business edition will be published daily, secondly, "Focus" enters the market in hard times of world crisis.

As the Editor-in-Chief of the daily business newspaper "Focus" Alexander NOVIKOV has noted about it, ..."Focus" started being published in a right time and in a proper place.

-Alexander, what has caused the establishment of your newspaper in the market of business mass media?

- The birth of the newspaper "Focus" has been caused by two factors. First of all, in Kazakhstan till now there was no daily business newspaper. Not a secret that last years have been noted by establishment of some magazines and newspapers, specialized in business themes. But all of them are being published weekly or monthly. So we decided to fill such "gap" in the market of business mass media.

One more factor which has affected an establishment of "Focus" is that during crisis time demand for the business information raises repeatedly, and it should be presented more widely.

- Are not you afraid of a competition?

- As I have already mentioned, "Focus" is the unique business newspaper in Kazakhstan that is being published daily. Thus, we don't have any direct competitors. We feel an indirect competition from the Russian business papers, such, as "Vedomosti" and "Kommersant".

But, now I would give more attention not to a competition, but to those problems which we have faced at this stage. First of all it is a limitation of personnel potential and insufficiency of the business information caused by the essential closeness of the Kazakhstan business.

- It is known that is extremely hard to publish the daily business newspaper. What do you hope for?

- I should note that starting publishing daily business newspaper with only hopes is a dangerous business. First of all, we start with the confidence in our forces, in possibility of our command to cope general tasks. Also, we think that crisis will force both business, and the state to become more open for the press, and, finally, for a society. I'm sure that there will be no lack of information, and this will allow us to be claimed and useful to readers.

- By the way, what's your audience?

- We counted on representatives of business, officials, experts and analysts before crisis began. But now, it becomes obvious that interest to the business information gets mass character, and the audience of the newspaper "Focus" will be much wider.

- What's the focus of your newspaper? And what are your plans?

- We will focus on mutual relations of business, the state and society so that these communications had constructive character. We will aspire to perform to our readers an objective picture of a business and political life of the country.

We will also "bring up" our experts, speakers and newsmakers, whos opinion will be considered by business, state and society.

As to plans, by the end of this year we plan to become Kazakhstan's 1 business paper on all parameters.

- Judging from your words, you count on partner relations with business. How would you estimate prospects of the Kazakhstan business during the global economic crisis?

- Estimating prospects of the business development in Kazakhstan, I recognize that crisis both in the world and in Kazakhstan hasn't reached its highest point. I think that in the next two-three years our companies will pass a rigid and hard way. It will be easier to raw-materials business, but not to the financial markets, that are subjects to a serious risks. And the autumn of 2009, in my opinion, will be one of the most difficult periods in the course of overcoming the crisis. As to small and average business, there are no alternatives to radical reduction of all costs, including wages of employees. It is necessary to save on everything. But the most important thing is that our business will leave all these alterations updated and ready to new growth.

- And our traditional question. What would you wish our site's visitors?

- The most important thing today is not to lose optimism, and to share it with others. Here I would like to underline a role of journalists. It depends on us how our readers interpret and perceive the world. I hope that the constructive position of the Kazakhstan's business press becomes one of key factors of the prompt overcoming the crisis.

- Thanks for interview! I wish you that all your plans will come true!

- Thank you!

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