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Malik Kushmukhanov: "We're confident that a professional conversation will take place at the conference"

Malik Kushmukhanov
As it was already informed, on April 8th, 2009 Communication Group "Image-Partner" supported by Center for Business Journalism BizMedia has initiated conference on a theme: Anti-crisis PR-technologies - 2009.

We asked Mr. Malik Kushmukhanov, the General Director of the CG "Image-Partner", to answer our questions about essences and content of such important action for the PR-market.

- It has become today just as a rule of good form to visit different forums, conferences and round tables on which the world economic crisis, and its consequences for Kazakhstan are discussed. What's the timeliness of the Conference?

- Thanks for a question. The matter is that the idea about the conference on anti-crisis PR-technologies was born already in the autumn of 2008. Then, it became obvious that reputation' risks have considerably increased for the Kazakhstani companies. It became a consequence of global financial and economic crisis which has shaken world's financial system. It didn't passed over Kazakhstan, which is a part of the world economy for a long time. Failures in the country's financial system have caused a sharp "blow off" of construction and consumer "bubbles". Deep falling of the world prices for our basic export goods (such as oil, non-ferrous and ferrous metals) became the additional catalyst of crisis processes in the Kazakhstan economy.

As the result income of the majority of country's population falls, production output reduces, banks start "limping".

As the consequence the commodities markets are narrowing, and this is following by the increasing competitive struggle between brands for the consumer.

And during this competitive struggle some companies can resort to unfair methods, up to the direct attacks to reputation of colleagues-contenders. During "vague" times there always will be "hunters" wishing to appropriate another's excellent working business.

Realization of such "projects" in a common begins from information' attacks to the object of acquisition to involve it in to the conflict situation. During the process of public "sorting out" against the certain company the serious charges connected both with operational activity, and with private life of top-managers and employees can be brought. One of the purposes of such campaigns - is to make brand's target audiences doubt, including authorities doubts in respectability of your business, and, finally, to push away them from the company. Quite often company's non-readiness to a crisis situation and not always skilful actions of its top-managers and PR-specialists burden such pressure. As a consequence, settlement of a crisis situation is accompanied by unjustified losses of money and time, and sometimes even of brand's business reputation. The basic idea of the conference is that its participants will have a clear understanding of what the information and reputation crisis are, and how they should be overcome with the maximum advantage for a brand.

- What's the peculiarity of this conference?

- First of all, I would like to underline applied character of conference. We will not speak about crisis in the USA or in Japan. We will speak about actions of PR-experts in forecasting, preventing and finding ways out of the reputation crisis in individual Kazakhstani company.

During the conference we will learn why the programs of anti-crisis with plans of measures are so necessary for the companies, and what they should include. How to understand that your brand in information area is in danger? How to organize interaction with the press in difficult times? Answers on these and other questions will be given during conference which will have interactive character.

Also we have changed the time-format to a half-day meeting, instead of working all day as we used before. If working intensively, this time is quite enough to receive valuable information, share experience and to form necessary skills. And after conference back to a workplace in the company - to strengthen anti-crisis PR-mechanisms and reputation crisis forecasting systems.

We think that in current situation each hour is important, and it is necessary for us to raise the efficiency as much as possible.

In a word, we expect that a professional conversation on one of the vital topics of the modern public relations will take place at our conference.

- What would you wish our site's visitors?

- There're difficult times today. But you shouldn't despair. Despite of everything, it is necessary to plan the work, even when you have to recede. "The one succeeds who tries!". I also congratulate all visitors of the site on the coming of spring which always was, is and will be the symbol of the renovation and prosperity! We wait for you at the Anti-crisis PR-technologies - 2009 conference!

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