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Italy seeks trials over credit downgrades

Prosecutors allege that officials at S&P and Fitch manipulated the market, broke EU rules and damaged Italy with flawed analysis.

13 2012 | Viewed: 364 | Foreign experience | Read full
Bloomberg launches iTunes-style platform

The media company is launching an iTunes-style portal for applications to allow clients and outside developers to incorporate their own software into the company's terminals.

13 2012 | Viewed: 356 | Foreign experience | Read full
ECB keeps rates on hold at 0.75 per cent

The European Central Bank kept its main refinancing rate on hold at 0.75 per cent on Thursday, shrugging off fears that the slowdown across the eurozone that is now hitting its biggest economy, Germany, warranted a cut.

9 2012 | Viewed: 452 | Foreign experience | Read full
Rio Tintos Mongolia mine clears hurdle

Group's $5bn flagship Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold site is set to start producing after finally sealing a deal with China for power supply.

7 2012 | Viewed: 566 | Foreign experience | Read full
S&P misled investors, court finds

Australian court says a 'reasonably competent' ratings agency could not have given the complex derivative product a triple A rating.

7 2012 | Viewed: 409 | Foreign experience | Read full
Biggest banks given extra time on reform

Global financial reform efforts are falling behind schedule, regulators have conceded.

7 2012 | Viewed: 544 | Foreign experience | Read full
Bank of Japan eases policy for 2nd consecutive month

The Bank of Japan has taken the rare step of easing monetary policy for the second month in a row, conceding that its 1 per cent inflation target would not be reached without more aggressive stimulus.

31 2012 | Viewed: 527 | Foreign experience | Read full
PBOC Injects Record Amount of Cash Into Money Market

SHANGHAI-China's central bank pumped a record-high amount of cash into the financial system Tuesday in an bid to ease a liquidity crunch caused by commercial lenders' surging demand for funds to meet capital requirements.

31 2012 | Viewed: 659 | Foreign experience | Read full
Chinese banks flee Londons tough rules

China's largest state-owned banks are moving big chunks of their European business to Luxembourg as they seek to escape tougher regulation in the City of London.

30 2012 | Viewed: 480 | Foreign experience | Read full
Spain's Bad Bank to Buy Up Assets

Repository to Acquire Distressed Holdings at Steep Discount.

30 2012 | Viewed: 395 | Foreign experience | Read full
France Calls On Google to Settle Rift With Publishers

PARIS-France will consider adopting legislation that would force Google Inc. to pay for the right to cite news articles online if the U.S. search giant fails to settle a long-running dispute with French news publishers over how to share advertising revenue, the office of France's President Franois Hollande said on Monday.

30 2012 | Viewed: 652 | Foreign experience | Read full
UK bank supervisors tighten their grip

Under the new regime, the 150bn of additional capital requirements come on top of 186bn required by the Basel global bank safety rules.

23 2012 | Viewed: 469 | Foreign experience | Read full
Turkish Airlines to buy up to 20 Boeing B777-300ERs by 2017

Turkish Airlines has decided to buy 15 Boeing B777-300ERs by 2017 with an option to buy five more, it said in a statement on Monday.

23 2012 | Viewed: 614 | Foreign experience | Read full
Big Brewers Chase U.S. Cider Growth on Craft Beer Explosion

With ciders returning to U.S. shelves, big brewers need to keep newfound consumers keen on the fizzy, alcoholic apple drink to counter a slowdown in the U.K.

23 2012 | Viewed: 588 | Foreign experience | Read full
The red-eyed walk to banking union

"TONIGHT I have confirmation that the worst is over."

20 2012 | Viewed: 616 | Foreign experience | Read full
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