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Chinas New 34-Mile Bridge Links Up 70 Million People in Planned Megalopolis
Six-lane crossing is 20 times the length of Californias Golden Gate Bridge
23 2018 | Viewed: 21 | Foreign experience | Read full
B&R nations eye production capacity cooperation with China
Deals for 65 production capacity cooperation projects, worth 142.7 billion yuan (about US$20.6 billion), were signed at an international forum in central China's Hubei province
23 2018 | Viewed: 19 | Foreign experience | Read full
China Is Forced to Reconsider Its Route Into Eastern Europe
Chinas efforts to make inroads in eastern Europe are being hindered by what nations see as failed promises on money materializing and the strings attached to investments
22 2018 | Viewed: 30 | Foreign experience | Read full
Trump to Withdraw U.S. From Postal Treaty, Squeezing China
President Donald Trump plans to withdraw the U.S. from a 192-nation treaty that gives Chinese companies discounted shipping rates for small packages sent to American consumers, another escalation of his economic confrontation of Beijing
18 2018 | Viewed: 33 | Foreign experience | Read full
HK media advised to report opportunities brought by nation's development
The nations publicity chief said on Oct 16 he hopes Hong Kongs media will report more about future opportunities the city will enjoy due to the countrys development
17 2018 | Viewed: 39 | Foreign experience | Read full
US deficit widened to $779bn in Trumps first year
New OMB data show $113bn increase after tax cuts and spending measures
16 2018 | Viewed: 32 | Foreign experience | Read full
Sears files for bankruptcy protection
Billionaire chairman unable to convince creditors to back revival plan
15 2018 | Viewed: 47 | Foreign experience | Read full
Call 'em crazy, but Fed officials likely to keep raising rates
A stock sell-off, rising trade tension with China, slower global growth and verbal pressure from the White House are unlikely to dent the U.S. Federal Reserves rate hike plans in an economy performing in line with the central banks forecasts
12 2018 | Viewed: 48 | Foreign experience | Read full
Beijing Struggles to Keep Its Currency On Course
Yuan falters amid pressures from abroad and Chinas moves to boost domestic growth
11 2018 | Viewed: 34 | Foreign experience | Read full
China Airbnb rival Xiaozhu.com raises nearly $300 million from Jack Ma fund
Chinese short-term rental firm Xiaozhu.com said on Wednesday it has raised nearly $300 million in a funding round led by Jack Mas Yunfeng Capital, amid fierce competition from U.S. giant Airbnb Inc and local rival Tujia.com
11 2018 | Viewed: 43 | Foreign experience | Read full
China's Huawei Takes Aim at Qualcomm, Nvidia With New AI Chips
Huawei Technologies Co. has overtaken Apple Inc. in smartphones
11 2018 | Viewed: 34 | Foreign experience | Read full
ECB warns banks to curtail booking in UK after Brexit
Back-to-back arrangement would have helped keep staff and capital in London
8 2018 | Viewed: 48 | Foreign experience | Read full
Unilever scraps plan to move headquarters from UK
Group faced investor pressure against decision to switch to single Netherlands base
8 2018 | Viewed: 37 | Foreign experience | Read full
Chinese Tech Shares Tumble on Spying Concerns
Shares of Chinas Lenovo and ZTE fall more than 10% each
8 2018 | Viewed: 35 | Foreign experience | Read full
WSJCoin: Yes, We Created Our Own Cryptocurrency
In this documentary, we experiment with a digital currency of our own to understand what drives the market
4 2018 | Viewed: 37 | Foreign experience | Read full
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