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Time Warner in talks to spin off magazines

Pressures on print media have spurred speculation for years that Time Warner could shed the business which publishes popular US news-stand titles.

15 2013 | Viewed: 406 | Foreign experience | Read full
Chevron hit by Argentine legal quagmire

Argentina is believed to hold world's second-largest shale gas resources, second only to China's, according to US Energy Information Administration.

15 2013 | Viewed: 336 | Foreign experience | Read full
Obama Urges Action on Expansive Agenda

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama outlined an ambitious agenda in his State of the Union address Tuesday that included raising the minimum wage, increasing spending on infrastructure, attacking climate change and passing gun-control legislation.

14 2013 | Viewed: 431 | Foreign experience | Read full
Chinese Workers in Greenland?

At remote encampments near the Arctic Circle on the island of Greenland, thousands of Chinese laborers toil to build a vast iron ore mine.

12 2013 | Viewed: 348 | Foreign experience | Read full
Horsemeat scandal spreads across Europe

Paris to hold emergency meeting with food industry.

12 2013 | Viewed: 333 | Foreign experience | Read full
New bourse launched in India

New venue, MCX-SX, will trade more than 1,100 equities, develop derivatives like futures and options and launch its own index of leading shares, the SX-40.

12 2013 | Viewed: 317 | Foreign experience | Read full
ECB told to double its manpower

The European Central Bank will need to more than double its manpower and hire about 2,000 bank supervision staff to put the eurozone's banking union into practice, according to a confidential study for the ECB.

6 2013 | Viewed: 367 | Foreign experience | Read full
Whitehall departments face cuts of 30%

Treasury begins spending review for 2015-16.

6 2013 | Viewed: 368 | Foreign experience | Read full
Exclusive: Citigroup may exit consumer banking in more countries

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Citigroup Inc is looking to pull out of consumer banking in more countries in an effort to lower costs and boost profits, according to two people familiar with the matter.

31 2013 | Viewed: 347 | Foreign experience | Read full
Samsung Extends Its Reach Into Health Care

Having dominated many longer-established rivals in the market for consumer gadgets, Samsung Electronics Co. is stepping up its foray into medical equipment.

31 2013 | Viewed: 678 | Foreign experience | Read full
Shale gas boom now visible from space

Volume of unwanted gas flared off in North Dakota, the state leading the shale revolution transforming the outlook for US energy, rose 50% last year.

29 2013 | Viewed: 539 | Foreign experience | Read full
In Dubai, Services and Exports Drive a New Boom

Rewa Zeinati, a freelance writer in Dubai, has noticed more business cards with photos of scantily clad women offering massages piling up on her car windscreen lately.

29 2013 | Viewed: 362 | Foreign experience | Read full
Journalism of the future should be less concerned with the present

A constant and frequent complaint about journalism is that it concentrates almost exclusively on what is happening now, and not the future.

26 2013 | Viewed: 382 | Foreign experience | Read full
50 blogs by journalists, for journalists

A list of blogging journalists, blogging mobile reporters and blogging journalism academics.

26 2013 | Viewed: 406 | Foreign experience | Read full
10 ways young journalists can make themselves more marketable

While many recent changes in journalism have led to budget cuts and layoffs, others have created new opportunities - to tell stories in nontraditional ways, develop different skills, and guide the industry in promising directions.

26 2013 | Viewed: 400 | Foreign experience | Read full
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