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Samsung Group plans record $41 billion investment in 2012

Samsung Group, which includes Samsung Electronics Co, said on Tuesday it is raising its 2012 investment to a record $41.4 billion, underscoring the widening gulf between the dominant South Korean conglomerate and its faltering competitors.

18 2012 | Viewed: 553 | Foreign experience | Read full
Mafia now "Italy's No.1 bank" as crisis bites: report

Organized crime has tightened its grip on the Italian economy during the economic crisis, making the Mafia the country's biggest "bank" and squeezing the life out of thousands of small firms, according to a report on Tuesday.

12 2012 | Viewed: 445 | Foreign experience | Read full
Fed to send $76.9 billion in earnings to Treasury

(Reuters) - The Federal Reserve said on Tuesday it would send about $76.9 billion of its estimated 2011 net income over to the Treasury.

12 2012 | Viewed: 450 | Foreign experience | Read full
Germany issues debt with negative yield

Investors pay Berlin to park cash for six months.

10 2012 | Viewed: 672 | Foreign experience | Read full
Bank of Russia Cuts Refinancing Rate

MOSCOW - Russia's central bank Friday unexpectedly cut its key refinancing rate for the first time in a year and a half, citing the uncertain outlook for the global economy.

24 2011 | Viewed: 574 | Foreign experience | Read full
U.S. Population Migrates From Coasts for Gigantic Income Boost

New York, California and other high- cost U.S. states may lose residents as the economy recovers, continuing a trend during the past decade of Americans searching for more affordable regions to settle.

21 2011 | Viewed: 532 | Foreign experience | Read full
What Would The Iron Lady Do?

She preached a gospel of self-discipline, free enterprise and national autonomy.

19 2011 | Viewed: 446 | Foreign experience | Read full
Exclusive: China to create $300 billion FX investment vehicle

China's central bank plans to create a new vehicle to manage investment funds worth a total of $300 billion to improve returns on the world's largest stockpile of foreign exchange reserves, a source with knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

10 2011 | Viewed: 877 | Foreign experience | Read full
Financial Times and IFC Launch 2012 Sustainable Finance Awards

London, December 2, 2011-The Financial Times and IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, have launched the 2012 FT/IFC Sustainable Finance Awards, the world's leading awards for banks and other financial institutions that demonstrate leadership and innovation in integrating environmental, social and corporate governance considerations into their business.

6 2011 | Viewed: 754 | Foreign experience | Read full
The Worlds Best Airport?

Posh Shops, Lush Spaces: It's the Place That Makes Layovers Feel Fun Again.

5 2011 | Viewed: 532 | Foreign experience | Read full
South Korean President Dons Thermal Underwear To Save Electricity

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak will be donning thermal underwear over the winter period, in an attempt to persuade his citizens to make some sacrifices in order to conserve electricity amid surging power demands in the country.

1 2011 | Viewed: 626 | Foreign experience | Read full
Facebook Targets Huge IPO

Offering next year could raise $10 billion, valuing company at $100 billion.

29 2011 | Viewed: 489 | Foreign experience | Read full
The Russians are coming - and the Chinese and the Canadians

The distinguished-looking gentleman in traditional Arab dress being shown around a mockup cabin of Bombardier's new plane at the Dubai air show is Saleh Al-Awaji, chairman of Yemen's Felix Airways.

21 2011 | Viewed: 548 | Foreign experience | Read full
LSE to sell technology to Delhi exchange

The London Stock Exchange has signed a deal to sell its trading technology to the Delhi Stock Exchange ahead of plans to revive the dormant bourse and compete against India's incumbent exchanges, three people familiar with matter have said.

10 2011 | Viewed: 863 | Foreign experience | Read full
China to expand English language TV service

China's state-owned broadcaster has launched an aggressive international push to extend the country's influence, opening a new headquarters in Washington, that will broadcast English-language programming from the heart of the US capital.

8 2011 | Viewed: 498 | Foreign experience | Read full
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