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US and UK eye reaction to bank failure

Regulators hope to spur on global plans.

22 2012 | Viewed: 433 | Foreign experience | Read full
Why Warren Buffett Really Likes Newspapers

When Warren Buffett announced that his company, Berkshire Hathaway, was buying 63 newspapers from Media General on May 17, he issued a soaring statement about his belief in a beaten-down industry.

21 2012 | Viewed: 595 | Foreign experience | Read full
Underwater Hotel to be Dubai's Latest Extravagance

Skylines are so pass.

17 2012 | Viewed: 391 | Foreign experience | Read full
Azerbaijan Hails London Taxis to Upgrade Its Unlicensed Fleet

Caspian Nation Goes Deep Purple Ahead of European Pop-Music Contest.

17 2012 | Viewed: 394 | Foreign experience | Read full
Cadillac, Chevy Finally Crack Japan, but Not With Cars

KASHIWA, Japan - In a shopping mall outside Tokyo, people kick the tires of showroom models lined up under glossy posters.

12 2012 | Viewed: 604 | Foreign experience | Read full
Chinese Banks Get Nod In U.S.

Giant banks owned by the Chinese government are coming to the U.S.

11 2012 | Viewed: 557 | Foreign experience | Read full
China Cuts Gasoline, Diesel Prices

BEIJING - China cut its heavily regulated gasoline and diesel prices for the first time in six months, as easing global oil prices offer a tail wind to the world's No. 2 economy.

11 2012 | Viewed: 636 | Foreign experience | Read full
China's Hot New Tech Stock Offering: The People's Daily

Mao Zedong may be tossing in his mausoleum.

24 2012 | Viewed: 537 | Foreign experience | Read full
Insight: "Made in Japan" engineers find second life in China

Their technical skills helped Japan's corporate giants sweep all before them in the 1980s, and now thousands of aging Japanese engineers are finding a new lease on life in booming China.

18 2012 | Viewed: 478 | Foreign experience | Read full
Facebook to Buy Instagram for $1B

Facebook announced Monday that it will buy Instagram, a popular mobile-only photo-sharing app, for $1 billion.

11 2012 | Viewed: 565 | Foreign experience | Read full
China To Impose Lifetime Bans For Food Safety Violators

Any individual or company that has been convicted of food safety crimes in China could be banned from the food industry for life, claimed a report by the China Daily on Monday, as the government continues to crack down on food safety violations.

11 2012 | Viewed: 508 | Foreign experience | Read full
Murdoch to Quit BSkyB Role

News Corp. Deputy Chief Operating Officer James Murdoch is stepping down as chairman of U.K. pay-TV giant British Sky Broadcasting Group PLC, the latest fallout from a scandal over voice mail interception and alleged police bribery at News Corp.'s British newspaper stable.

5 2012 | Viewed: 611 | Foreign experience | Read full
China Tests Financial Relaxation in Wenzhou

China approved a broad package of financial reforms in Wenzhou, a city known for entrepreneurship and underground lending, in what may be a prelude to a national effort to liberalize China's creaking financial system.

30 2012 | Viewed: 490 | Foreign experience | Read full
Chinese Village Gives Out Gold and Silver As Profit Sharing

Villagers in the eastern China's Jiangsu province have received gold, and silver, bars as they celebrate the 40th anniversary of a village-owned business.

29 2012 | Viewed: 470 | Foreign experience | Read full
Exclusive: Singapore's Temasek: evolution not revolution

Temasek Holdings, the smaller but more visible of Singapore's two sovereign funds, is moving into a new phase with its investment strategy, and could look more like Blackstone Group (BX.N), another $160 billion institution, which has grown from a focused private equity firm to a global asset manager.

27 2012 | Viewed: 514 | Foreign experience | Read full
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