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Chinese Village Gives Out Gold and Silver As Profit Sharing

Villagers in the eastern China's Jiangsu province have received gold, and silver, bars as they celebrate the 40th anniversary of a village-owned business.

29 2012 | Viewed: 443 | Foreign experience | Read full
Exclusive: Singapore's Temasek: evolution not revolution

Temasek Holdings, the smaller but more visible of Singapore's two sovereign funds, is moving into a new phase with its investment strategy, and could look more like Blackstone Group (BX.N), another $160 billion institution, which has grown from a focused private equity firm to a global asset manager.

27 2012 | Viewed: 478 | Foreign experience | Read full
Obama taps public health expert for World Bank

President Barack Obama on Friday nominated a Korean-American known for work fighting HIV/AIDS in impoverished countries to lead the World Bank, a job emerging economies are contesting for the first time.

24 2012 | Viewed: 518 | Foreign experience | Read full
Japan's Central Banker Will Take a Cut in Pay

TOKYO-The relentless downward pressure on prices in Japan means it is getting cheaper to employ a central banker.

17 2012 | Viewed: 452 | Foreign experience | Read full
Sants to quit FSA in June

Chief of UK financial watchdog loses patience with slow regulatory reform.

17 2012 | Viewed: 444 | Foreign experience | Read full
Norway Invites Krone Speculation

The Norwegian central bank's decision to fight krone gains with interest rate cuts may invite speculators to test policy makers' resolve to weaken the currency.

16 2012 | Viewed: 527 | Foreign experience | Read full
PepsiCo shakes up global structure

PepsiCo Inc (PEP.N) said it was taking the "essential" step of changing its global structure by creating the new job of president to integrate its sprawling operations worldwide, and was bringing back a former executive to head its food and snacks business in the Americas.

13 2012 | Viewed: 454 | Foreign experience | Read full
A loonie idea

A rival to the euro.

11 2012 | Viewed: 452 | Foreign experience | Read full
U.S. Warns Apple, Publishers

Justice Department Threatens Lawsuits, Alleging Collusion Over E-Book Pricing.

9 2012 | Viewed: 415 | Foreign experience | Read full
China offers other Brics renminbi loans

Move is step towards internationalisation of currency.

9 2012 | Viewed: 408 | Foreign experience | Read full
India bans all cotton exports

Move by world's second-largest producer.

8 2012 | Viewed: 414 | Foreign experience | Read full
Tobacco health labels unconstitutional: U.S. judge

A U.S. judge sided with tobacco companies on Wednesday, ruling that regulations requiring large graphic health warnings on cigarette packaging and advertising violate free-speech rights under the U.S. Constitution.

5 2012 | Viewed: 583 | Foreign experience | Read full
The oil barons have a ball

Natural resources are not really a curse at all.

27 2012 | Viewed: 537 | Foreign experience | Read full
How to Get a Permit for Your Driverless Car

Nevada is the first state to come up with rules for licensing driverless cars. They go into effect March 1.

24 2012 | Viewed: 576 | Foreign experience | Read full
Journal Reporters Win Polk Awards

A group of reporters from The Wall Street Journal were among the winners of the George Polk Awards for special achievement in journalism in 2011.

23 2012 | Viewed: 594 | Foreign experience | Read full
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