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Who will be the main loser from Europes new data-privacy law?
GDPR will frustrate the ad-tech industrys need for reams of personal data
25 2018 | Viewed: 54 | Foreign experience | Read full
Kazakhstan Appeals U.K. Court Ruling on $22 Billion of Assets
Kazakhstans government is asking an appeals court to throw out a decision that allowed BNY Mellon to freeze about $22 billion of assets in the countrys oil fund as part of a dispute over an unpaid arbitration award
25 2018 | Viewed: 59 | Foreign experience | Read full
Deutsche Bank plans thousands of investment bank job cuts
Final decision imminent ahead of potentially stormy AGM
24 2018 | Viewed: 71 | Foreign experience | Read full
Facebook face-off - EU gets little news from Zuckerberg
Facebook (FB.O) CEO Mark Zuckerberg sailed through a grilling from EU lawmakers about the social networks data policies as lengthy questions left the 34-year-old American little time to answer
23 2018 | Viewed: 99 | Foreign experience | Read full
Britain to tackle 'Wild West' internet with new laws
Britain will tackle the Wild West elements on the internet from cyberbullying to online child exploitation by introducing new laws for social media companies, digital minister Matt Hancock said on Sunday
21 2018 | Viewed: 80 | Foreign experience | Read full
UK announces extra measures to support shale gas development
The British government announced measures on Thursday to speed up planning applications to support development of the countrys shale gas industry
18 2018 | Viewed: 83 | Foreign experience | Read full
Britain seeks 30 billion pounds investment to boost economy after Brexit
Trade secretary Liam Fox will invite overseas investors on Thursday to submit bids for financing 30 billion pounds of projects to help the worlds sixth-largest economy cope with the upheaval of leaving the European Union
17 2018 | Viewed: 50 | Foreign experience | Read full
How Rusal escaped the noose of U.S. sanctions
They were supposed to be the toughest sanctions the United States had ever imposed on a Russian oligarch
16 2018 | Viewed: 66 | Foreign experience | Read full
Rules on financial holding firms in pipeline
China's financial regulators are mulling new rules to regulate the nation's financial holding companies to curb risks originating from their risky and opaque operations
11 2018 | Viewed: 43 | Foreign experience | Read full
Chinas ZTE halts operations as US ban bites
Telecoms group hopes for political solution to crippling sanctions barring US suppliers
11 2018 | Viewed: 40 | Foreign experience | Read full
Argentina hikes interest rates again as peso slumps
Central bank tightens to 33.25% just six days after last increase
4 2018 | Viewed: 74 | Foreign experience | Read full
UK overseas territories to open up ownership registers
Move considered major win for financial transparency
2 2018 | Viewed: 89 | Foreign experience | Read full
The great foreign exchange rip-off is coming to an end
Financial-technology firms are putting a squeeze on banks and bureaux de change
2 2018 | Viewed: 101 | Foreign experience | Read full
Volatile ruble encourages McDonald's to cook up Russian fries
French fries at McDonalds restaurants from Moscow to Murmansk will be Russian from now on, as the American fast-food chain turns to homegrown potatoes to deal with rouble volatility caused by fluctuating oil prices and Western sanctions
26 2018 | Viewed: 80 | Foreign experience | Read full
Apple to pay 13bn to Ireland over back tax claim
Funds go into escrow while Brussels ruling on illegal state aid challenged
25 2018 | Viewed: 93 | Foreign experience | Read full
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