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Investigative Shortfall

Many news outlets are doing far less accountability reporting than in the past, bad news indeed for the public. New nonprofit investigative ventures have emerged, but they can't pick up the slack by themselves.

By Mary Walton

Mary Walton (
marywalton2000@yahoo.com) is a former reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Her most recent book, "A Woman's Crusade: Alice Paul and the Battle for the Ballot," was published by Palgrave Macmillan in August.

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U.S. business journalists median salary is $65,000-70,000, SABEW reports

Business journalists in the United States have a median salary of between $65,000 and $70,000, according to an informal survey in July and August by the Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW).

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College students invited to business journalism conference in NYC

Undergraduate and master's students are invited to a business journalism conference in New York Oct. 21-23 called, "Getting Started in Business News."

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LA Times business section is strong, despite shrinking newsroom, says business editor

The business section of a newspaper still has value that you can't get elsewhere in the paper, said John Corrigan, LA Times business editor.

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Social media: entangled in the web

In the Western media business, it seems, a quiet revolution is taking place - even most conservative editions are debating a recent phenomenon - social media, and not just a growth in its popularity, but a firm place it has taken in the media world. As they do this, they are also busy incorporating new social technologies into their operations.

Lola ASKAROVA, Marketing and strategy consultant

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