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Coca-Cola Hellenic to quit Greece

The crisis-hit country's biggest quoted company plans to list in London and establish a Swiss headquarters in search of a more stable environment.

13 2012 | Viewed: 411 | Foreign experience | Read full
Azerbaijan attacks BP for missing targets

Ilham Aliyev, the country's president, threatens 'strict measures' after an 'unexpected' decline in production at its ACG field in the Caspian Sea.

13 2012 | Viewed: 426 | Foreign experience | Read full
Google makes first foray into credit business

Low-interest loans offered to search engine advertisers.

9 2012 | Viewed: 489 | Foreign experience | Read full
FT Interview

Dilma Rousseff.

5 2012 | Viewed: 470 | Foreign experience | Read full
For Datsun Revival, Nissan Gambles on $3,000 Model

ATSUGI, Japan-It is the car that baby boomers may remember as much for its compact chic as for its slogan ("Datsun, We Are Driven!").

3 2012 | Viewed: 455 | Foreign experience | Read full
How a Teacher Made $1 Million Selling Lesson Plans

Deanna Jump is not a trust fund baby.

25 2012 | Viewed: 574 | Foreign experience | Read full
Chinese exchanges seek foreign funds

Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges launch roadshows.

21 2012 | Viewed: 475 | Foreign experience | Read full
USA Todays new suit doesnt fit

I have a theory - one that I'm certain I've stolen - that it was Al Neuharth and not Tim Berners-Lee who invented the World Wide Web - with the creation of USA Today.

18 2012 | Viewed: 711 | Foreign experience | Read full
Robocopter arrives

After unmanned drones, pilotless helicopters are taking to the sky to deliver supplies to troops.

16 2012 | Viewed: 718 | Foreign experience | Read full
Hollande rejects shale gas fracking

France's president opposed to exploiting country's deposits.

14 2012 | Viewed: 742 | Foreign experience | Read full
India raises price of diesel by over 12%

India raised the price of heavily subsidised diesel on Thursday in a politically risky move to cut the budget deficit and fight the threat of being the first Brics economy to be downgraded to junk.

14 2012 | Viewed: 579 | Foreign experience | Read full
Calling The Bluff On The Visa & MasterCard Antitrust Settlement

What would have been the largest class-action lawsuit in US history was set to go to trial this month.

14 2012 | Viewed: 713 | Foreign experience | Read full
U.S. expects to earn $15.1 billion from bailing out AIG: Treasury

The U.S. Treasury further reduced its stake in American International Group and said on Tuesday that the United States would now profit $15.1 billion from bailing out the insurer.

13 2012 | Viewed: 414 | Foreign experience | Read full
US Treasury launches $18bn AIG offering

Sale to reduce government stake to minority holding.

11 2012 | Viewed: 460 | Foreign experience | Read full
China approves Rmb1tn infrastructure spend

Rail and road projects included in $158bn schemes.

10 2012 | Viewed: 715 | Foreign experience | Read full
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