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Anger rises in India over redrawn poverty line

Prime minister Manmohan Singh faces a growing political storm over how to measure poverty in India amid fears that new benchmarks proposed by a powerful policymaking body could see many of the country's poor lose their welfare benefits.

28 2011 | Viewed: 701 | Foreign experience | Read full
BA buys BMI Heathrow slots

British Airways has struck a deal to buy sought-after take-off and landing slots at London's Heathrow airport from BMI, Lufthansa's loss-making UK subsidiary.

26 2011 | Viewed: 782 | Foreign experience | Read full
Chile prepares for western economic downturn

Chile, recognised as one of the best run emerging economies, is preparing contingency plans in case the eurozone defaults and the US slips back into recession.

23 2011 | Viewed: 571 | Foreign experience | Read full
Obama offers $3.6 trillion deficit plan, would up taxes

President Barack Obama laid out a $3.6 trillion plan on Monday to cut budget deficits partly by raising taxes on the rich, but Republicans rejected it as a political stunt and made clear the proposal had little chance of becoming law.

21 2011 | Viewed: 621 | Foreign experience | Read full
Google Girds for a Grilling

Google Inc. is taking no chances as its executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, prepares to face a Senate hearing Wednesday on whether the company is abusing its dominance in Internet search.

19 2011 | Viewed: 797 | Foreign experience | Read full
Press challenged on regulation

Jeremy Hunt, the culture secretary, has challenged the national newspaper industry to put its house in order by devising a regulatory system free from interference by powerful owners.

17 2011 | Viewed: 590 | Foreign experience | Read full
Britain to sue ECB over threat to City

Britain is to sue the European Central Bank for setting rules that allegedly handicap the City of London and would force one of the world's largest clearing houses to decamp operations to the euro area.

17 2011 | Viewed: 769 | Foreign experience | Read full
Central banks ease lender funding crisis

The world's main central banks have launched concerted action to tackle dollar funding problems in Europe, sending banks' share prices sharply higher across the continent.

17 2011 | Viewed: 572 | Foreign experience | Read full
UK to push through bank reforms

Britain's banks face some of the world's toughest regulations under reforms outlined on Monday, which require them to insulate their retail lending activities and store up billions in extra capital at a cost of up to 7 billion pounds ($11 billion).

13 2011 | Viewed: 652 | Foreign experience | Read full
After Gaddafi: A spent force

Behind the facade of the Libyan Investment Authority lies an opaque organisation beset by poor investment decisions.

13 2011 | Viewed: 539 | Foreign experience | Read full
Obama confronts jobs "crisis" with $447 billion plan

President Barack Obama challenged Congress on Thursday to enact a $447 billion package of tax cuts and new spending to revive a stalled job market but he faces an uphill fight to win over Republicans and restore public faith in his economic stewardship.

12 2011 | Viewed: 551 | Foreign experience | Read full
Iran plugs first nuclear power plant into grid

Iran's first nuclear power plant has finally begun to provide electricity to the national grid, official media reported on Sunday, a long-delayed milestone in the nuclear ambitions of a country the West fears is covertly try to develop atomic bombs.

7 2011 | Viewed: 666 | Foreign experience | Read full
Barack Obamas new economist

Alan Krueger is nominated to head the Council of Economic Advisers.

3 2011 | Viewed: 947 | Foreign experience | Read full
Tajik designers go west

In early October Paris Fashion Week will occupy some of the fashion industry's biggest players, but for Tajik designers another event in the city takes precedence.

28 2011 | Viewed: 810 | Foreign experience | Read full
Google chairman attacks UK media red tape

Eric Schmidt, Google's chairman, has accused Britain of squandering its history of innovation in media and technology, in an address to television industry leaders in Edinburgh.

28 2011 | Viewed: 548 | Foreign experience | Read full
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