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China to revise rules on foreign banks
China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) on Wednesday unveiled a draft instrument on the regulation of foreign banks to solicit public opinions

29 2018 | Viewed: 31 | Foreign experience | Read full
Trump threatens to cut GM subsidies in retaliation for U.S. job cuts
U.S. President Donald Trump threatened on Tuesday to eliminate subsidies for General Motors Co in retaliation for the automaker cutting U.S. jobs and plants, and the automaker also took fire from Canadian political and labor leaders for cutbacks there
28 2018 | Viewed: 37 | Foreign experience | Read full
Trump Says Hes Not Even a Little Bit Happy With Feds Powell
President Donald Trump renewed his attack on Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, telling the Washington Post hes not even a little bit happy with his choice to head the central bank
28 2018 | Viewed: 47 | Foreign experience | Read full
GM to halt production at 7 plants in restructuring
Carmaker seeks $6bn in cost savings to protect against economic downturn and trade war

28 2018 | Viewed: 41 | Foreign experience | Read full
China's financial holding firms to face tougher supervision
Senior managers of China's financial firms have called for stricter supervision of financial holding companies to grant more support to China's real economy and private businesses in particular

28 2018 | Viewed: 32 | Foreign experience | Read full
A Warming Climate Brings New Crops to Frigid Zones
Longer growing seasons help lead northern farmers to plow up forests for crops such as corn that were once hard to grow in chilly territories

26 2018 | Viewed: 29 | Foreign experience | Read full
Overseas financial firms gain better access to mainland market
With approval from a Chinese market regulator, a number of overseas financial institutions are ready to expand their presence in the Chinese mainland
26 2018 | Viewed: 27 | Foreign experience | Read full
U.S. asks allies to shun Huawei equipment, WSJ reports; sector stocks fall
The U.S. government is trying to persuade wireless and internet providers in allied countries to avoid telecommunications equipment from Chinas Huawei Technologies [HWT.UL], the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday

26 2018 | Viewed: 27 | Foreign experience | Read full
E-commerce faces carpe diem moment
Amid consumption upgrade, new law will bring daigou using online platforms under greater scrutiny, and rid e-shopping of frauds, fakes
22 2018 | Viewed: 65 | Foreign experience | Read full
Chinas internet, despite controls, offers fame and fortune to some
How a small-town boy is trying to make it big in livestreaming

21 2018 | Viewed: 37 | Foreign experience | Read full
Facebook to fund trainee local newspaper reporters in Britain
Facebook is donating 4.5 million pounds ($5.8 million) to train journalists in Britain to support communities that have lost local newspapers and reporters, in no little part due to ad revenue and readers switching online to the social media giant
20 2018 | Viewed: 30 | Foreign experience | Read full
Airline alliances see new trend
The planned withdrawal of China Southern Airlines Co, the largest airline by fleet size in Asia, from the SkyTeam airline alliance signifies less close-knit alliances and more cross-alliance cooperation, analysts said
20 2018 | Viewed: 39 | Foreign experience | Read full
Barnier proposes Brexit transition lasting to 2022
Prolonging free movement and EU payments would fuel Eurosceptic ire

19 2018 | Viewed: 31 | Foreign experience | Read full
Lowered threshold spurs free trade zone
The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, the first of its kind in the country, is turning into a true test case for China's further opening-up, and is attracting thousands of companies from both home and abroad
19 2018 | Viewed: 34 | Foreign experience | Read full
Five ways banks are responding to the fintech threat
Acquisitions, partnerships and digital attacker approach are among the defences
16 2018 | Viewed: 32 | Foreign experience | Read full
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