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Cisco to cut workforce by 15 percent, sell factory to Hon Hai

Cisco Systems plans to cut 15 percent of its staff and sell a set-top box factory as part of a plan to cut annual expenses by $1 billion as the network equipment maker tries to revive its fortunes.

21 2011 | Viewed: 563 | Analytics | Read full
Analysis: Press barons lose information monopoly in Twitter era

Britain's celebrities might no longer have to worry about the News of the World hacking phones or rifling their bins, but the manner of the paper's demise shows controlling information is getting much more difficult.

19 2011 | Viewed: 502 | Analytics | Read full
Pigs at front line in China inflation battle

When Pan Yongjie started in the pig industry 25 years ago, his classmates felt sorry for him because the job was considered too lowly for a college graduate.

18 2011 | Viewed: 500 | Analytics | Read full
Fragility fears weigh on renminbi

As concerns over the outlook for the Chinese economy intensify, currency traders have scaled back their bets that the renminbi will continue to strengthen against the dollar.

18 2011 | Viewed: 552 | Analytics | Read full
Currency war fears reignite in Brazil

The Brazilian real has soared to a 12-year high against the dollar, reigniting Brazil's currency war fears and worsening the economic headache for President Dilma Rousseff.

18 2011 | Viewed: 615 | Analytics | Read full
BG doubles Brazil reserves estimate

BG Group, the UK energy company, has doubled its oil reserves and resources estimates of the assets it holds in Brazil.

18 2011 | Viewed: 498 | Analytics | Read full
Crisis Slowed Migration to Industrialized Nations

Migration to industrialized countries slowed after the 2008 financial crisis, as demand for labor shrank along with many economies, a study showed on Tuesday.

14 2011 | Viewed: 594 | Analytics | Read full
Dont blame Moodys for a messy euro crisis

You can always gauge the temperature of the eurozone crisis by the blame game.

12 2011 | Viewed: 630 | Analytics | Read full
China Local Debt Hit $1.65 Trillion in 2010

BEIJING-China's local governments had amassed 10.7 trillion yuan ($1.65 trillion) of debt by the end of last year, Liu Jiayi, auditor general of the country's National Audit Office, said Monday. That's equal to more than a quarter of China's 2010 gross domestic product of 39.7983 trillion yuan.

6 2011 | Viewed: 670 | Analytics | Read full
Trades reveal China shift from dollar

China began diversifying away from the US dollar in earnest in the first four months of this year, most likely by buying far more European government debt than US dollar assets, according to estimates from Standard Chartered Bank.

22 2011 | Viewed: 1 020 | Analytics | Read full
Change in China Hits U.S. Purse

For more than a decade starting in the early 1990s, U.S. inflation declined as low-wage workers in China and other developing nations joined the global economy and produced a tide of cheap goods that washed onto U.S. shores.

22 2011 | Viewed: 552 | Analytics | Read full
Rare earth prices soar as China stocks up

Prices of some rare earth metals have doubled in just three weeks amid heavy stockpiling in China that has raised fears over global supplies.

22 2011 | Viewed: 522 | Analytics | Read full
US banks to cut Treasuries use

Some of Wall Street's biggest banks are preparing to cut their use of US Treasuries in August as a precaution against any turbulence that could follow if warring Republicans and Democrats fail to increase soon the US debt ceiling, a senior bank chief said.

14 2011 | Viewed: 584 | Analytics | Read full
Shares of big banks could rise 25 percent: Barron's

Shares in big banks like Bank of America (BAC.N), Citigroup (C.N) and Goldman Sachs (GS.N) are undervalued due to economic and regulatory concerns and could rise more than 25 percent in the next year, according to financial weekly Barron's.

14 2011 | Viewed: 444 | Analytics | Read full
The Great Property Bubble of China May Be Popping

BEIJING - After years of housing prices gone wild, China's property bubble is starting to deflate.

10 2011 | Viewed: 749 | Analytics | Read full
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