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Investors Move Onward and Upward

Dow Gains 6.4%, Posts Best First Quarter in 12 Years in Tumultuous Period. Overcoming a pair of major shocks in the first quarter, global financial markets recovered amid growing optimism that the recovery from the financial crisis had become self-sustaining.

2 2011 | Viewed: 545 | Analytics | Read full
Crises Nudge Debt Loads to Brink

The financial strains created by crises in Japan and Europe highlight a growing problem: The rich world is getting close to the point where it won't be able to bear the costs of another disaster.

30 2011 | Viewed: 488 | Analytics | Read full
How China should rule the world

"Reform and opening up" has been China's mantra for more than three decades.

24 2011 | Viewed: 463 | Analytics | Read full
Mega-Banks and the Next Financial Crisis

Hedge-fund manager Paul Singer recognized the risks of subprime mortgages and bet against them. Now he warns that monetary policy could cripple American banks again.

22 2011 | Viewed: 493 | Analytics | Read full
Oil and the economy

THE price of oil has had an unnerving ability to blow up the world economy, and the Middle East has often provided the spark. The Arab oil embargo of 1973, the Iranian revolution in 1978-79 and Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait in 1990 are all painful reminders of how the region's combustible mix of geopolitics and geology can wreak havoc. With protests cascading across Arabia, is the world in for another oil shock?

14 2011 | Viewed: 622 | Analytics | Read full
Oh, Mr Porter

The new big idea from business's greatest living guru seems a bit undercooked.

14 2011 | Viewed: 598 | Analytics | Read full
The Worlds Richest Street: Hong Kongs Severn Road

Hong Kong's Severn Road, a winding street of mansions and tony apartments, is still the priciest address on the planet.

10 2011 | Viewed: 608 | Analytics | Read full
The Bric trade: losing its lustre

The tectonic plates of international equity markets are shifting. Emerging markets may have ended a decade-long secular re-evaluation and the ridiculous Bric trade appears to be dead.

9 2011 | Viewed: 543 | Analytics | Read full
Coffee supply squeeze set to push price higher

The retail cost of coffee is set to rise sharply after futures prices hit their highest level in more than three decades.

24 2011 | Viewed: 615 | Analytics | Read full
Carlsberg suffers hangover from Russian tax

Carlsberg disappointed investors by announcing a 21 per cent drop in fourth-quarter profits on Monday as the Danish brewer was hit by increased Russian taxes on beer.

24 2011 | Viewed: 571 | Analytics | Read full
Record number of Russian billionaires

Good news for art auctioneers, yacht brokers and Kensington estate agents: Russia's oligarchs are bouncing back - and there are more of them than ever.

15 2011 | Viewed: 549 | Analytics | Read full
LSE and Canadas TMX agree merger

Source: Financial Times

14 2011 | Viewed: 466 | Analytics | Read full
The strongest girls in the world

ALMOST exactly a year ago, I found myself reporting the fuss in Brussels about the failure of the Lisbon Strategy, the European Union's 10-year plan to make Europe "the most dynamic and competitive knowledge-based economy in the world capable of sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion, and respect for the environment by 2010".

9 2011 | Viewed: 831 | Analytics | Read full
The Nordic Way

What's so special about the Nordics?

9 2011 | Viewed: 544 | Analytics | Read full
Confidence in FSA falls sharply

Fewer than a fifth of banks, brokers and insurers believe the Financial Services Authority responded effectively to the banking crisis, a comprehensive industry survey has found.

9 2011 | Viewed: 496 | Analytics | Read full
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