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World's woes may help Russia investors

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's near-pariah status among investors means its stocks sell at big discounts to other emerging nations, but markets could be missing something - the global macroeconomic picture may yet favor Moscow.

15 2010 | Viewed: 579 | Analytics | Read full
Q+A: OPEC at 50 and the next 50 years

(Reuters) - OPEC on September 14 marks 50 years of existence.

15 2010 | Viewed: 592 | Analytics | Read full
Chinas yuan: a guide for the perplexed

China's plans to make its currency global could change the world - if they get off the ground. More international use of the yuan might increase China's trade clout, unseat the mighty U.S. dollar and make a lot of financiers very rich in the process. But it can be hard to separate the facts from the fable. Here are some questions answered.

13 2010 | Viewed: 644 | Analytics | Read full
Relocated labels

It is a steamy day in Manhattan but buyers from Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue and other big-name department stores have been lured out of their air-conditioned lairs to the midtown offices of an Indian company called S. Kumars Nationwide Limited.

5 2010 | Viewed: 558 | Analytics | Read full
America stops buying homes

Earlier this month, talking about a housing market unsupported by Uncle Sam's billions, I said that "the entire housing-finance business in the U.S. would come to a screeching halt.

26 2010 | Viewed: 612 | Analytics | Read full
IMFSurvey Magazine: Countries & Regions

Kazakhstan on Road to Recovery, But Banking System Still Weak

Kazakhstan is recovering from economic crisis, but stagnant credit growth and banking sector troubles continue to weigh on economic activity, says the International Monetary Fund.

26 2010 | Viewed: 586 | Analytics | Read full
Chinese consumers reluctant to spend

Western companies are increasingly counting on China to deliver growth not available elsewhere, but the country's consumers remain reluctant to boost their domestic spending, according to a survey of consumer attitudes published by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

23 2010 | Viewed: 615 | Analytics | Read full
Kazakhstanis Need Internet and Mobile Phones to Work during Summer Vacations

16 August 2010, Almaty. Today the mobile communication operator, GSM Kazakhstan/Kcell announced the results of survey of use of communication devices during summer vacations. Internet users of Kazakhstan were questions vie email during summer 2010.

16 2010 | Viewed: 906 | Analytics | Read full
FACTBOX-Key political risks to watch in Kazakhstan

ALMATY Aug 2 (Reuters) - An intensifying succession struggle among Kazakhstan's political elite and the government's increasingly tough stance on foreign companies have fuelled investor concerns in Central Asia's biggest oil producer.

4 2010 | Viewed: 570 | Analytics | Read full
Analysis: Cheap valuations make China stocks a great takeaway

(Reuters) - Shanghai's stock market, the world's worst performer this year after Greece, has started to rebound after plunging as much as 30 percent this year.

30 2010 | Viewed: 595 | Analytics | Read full
Economists dispute effect of US stimulus

Thomas Jefferson, no fan of deficit spending, has a clearer view of the US fiscal stimulus than any living politician. From his memorial by the Tidal Basin in Washington he can watch a $12.4m stimulus project to fix a seawall and stop him sinking into the water.

28 2010 | Viewed: 591 | Analytics | Read full
Kazakh company on FTSE 100 a risk for investors, says Global Witness

Kazakhmys plc, a FTSE 100 company which mines copper in the Central Asian nation of Kazakhstan, failed to declare potentially key information about its shareholders and directors when it listed on the London Stock Exchange, thereby exposing investors to unquantifiable risk, warns a new Global Witness report.

14 2010 | Viewed: 702 | Analytics | Read full
Euro heads for first weekly gain in six versus dollar

(Reuters) - The euro rose on Friday, heading for its first weekly gain versus the U.S. dollar in six weeks as investors who had bet on the currency's fall bought it back on fears of central bank intervention.

24 2010 | Viewed: 689 | Analytics | Read full
Factbox: Winners and losers in the Senate's financial bill

(Reuters) - The Senate on Thursday approved a bill that would overhaul the country's financial system and usher in new rules for Wall Street.

24 2010 | Viewed: 678 | Analytics | Read full
Oil could give kiss of death to recovery

This week oil climbed to $87 a barrel, its highest level since October 2008 and prompted concerns that triple-digit crude was once again in the offing.

12 2010 | Viewed: 766 | Analytics | Read full
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