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Chinas gold imports surge fivefold

Gold imports into China have soared this year, turning the country, already the largest bullion miner, into a major overseas buyer for the first time in recent memory.

4 2010 | Viewed: 574 | Analytics | Read full
Analysis: Rare-earth surge is wake-up call for industrials

(Reuters) - As China clamps down on its exports of rare earth, makers of batteries, wind turbines and other products are looking for ways to redesign them to use less of the increasingly costly materials.

23 2010 | Viewed: 532 | Analytics | Read full
Is there a way out of the currency war?

Competitive devaluation is no longer a possible danger - it is already here.

30 2010 | Viewed: 528 | Analytics | Read full
Russia retail: Time to invest?


Russia's biggest grocer X5 expects the market to recover next year and is mulling some big acquisitions. Will it have to do battle with America's Wal-Mart?

5 2010 | Viewed: 641 | Analytics | Read full
Currencies clash in new age of beggar-my-neighbour

"We're in the midst of an international currency war, a general weakening of currency. This threatens us because it takes away our competitiveness." This complaint by Guido Mantega, Brazil's finance minister, is entirely understandable.

5 2010 | Viewed: 581 | Analytics | Read full
Analysis: Will TARP hatred give way to revisionist history?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - It may have staved off a financial system meltdown, but the U.S. Treasury's $700 billion bailout program is so reviled by the public that its distaste may rub off on incumbent Democrats in November elections.

5 2010 | Viewed: 494 | Analytics | Read full
Women desert Wall Street

This is very bad indeed: women are leaving the financial-services industry even as men are joining it; and the trend is most pronounced among the youngest cohorts of the population, who will be running the industry in the future.

21 2010 | Viewed: 595 | Analytics | Read full
Three Numbers That Make Sense of a Bipolar Market

The stock and bond markets are swinging daily between optimism and despair. Given all the whipsawing, you might be tempted to write the whole thing off and stay in cash.

21 2010 | Viewed: 521 | Analytics | Read full
Lost Decade for Family Income

The downturn that some have dubbed the "Great Recession" has trimmed the typical household's income significantly, new Census data show, following years of stagnant wage growth that made the past decade the worst for American families in at least half a century.

21 2010 | Viewed: 604 | Analytics | Read full
Are women really closing the paycheck gender gap?

Are women at long last closing the pay gap with men?

21 2010 | Viewed: 554 | Analytics | Read full
World's woes may help Russia investors

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's near-pariah status among investors means its stocks sell at big discounts to other emerging nations, but markets could be missing something - the global macroeconomic picture may yet favor Moscow.

15 2010 | Viewed: 579 | Analytics | Read full
Q+A: OPEC at 50 and the next 50 years

(Reuters) - OPEC on September 14 marks 50 years of existence.

15 2010 | Viewed: 591 | Analytics | Read full
Chinas yuan: a guide for the perplexed

China's plans to make its currency global could change the world - if they get off the ground. More international use of the yuan might increase China's trade clout, unseat the mighty U.S. dollar and make a lot of financiers very rich in the process. But it can be hard to separate the facts from the fable. Here are some questions answered.

13 2010 | Viewed: 644 | Analytics | Read full
Relocated labels

It is a steamy day in Manhattan but buyers from Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue and other big-name department stores have been lured out of their air-conditioned lairs to the midtown offices of an Indian company called S. Kumars Nationwide Limited.

5 2010 | Viewed: 553 | Analytics | Read full
America stops buying homes

Earlier this month, talking about a housing market unsupported by Uncle Sam's billions, I said that "the entire housing-finance business in the U.S. would come to a screeching halt.

26 2010 | Viewed: 606 | Analytics | Read full
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