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Kazakhstans Extraordinary Rise To Power In The Energy Game

In 2011, Kazakhstan's oil exports ran at 1.74 million barrels per day.

1 2011 | Viewed: 702 | Analytics | Read full
US bank credit default swaps jump

Fears grow over groups' exposure to European fallout.

24 2011 | Viewed: 517 | Analytics | Read full
World Bank: China faces Europe risk, soft landing possible

China's economy faces growing risks from Europe's sovereign debt crisis and from debt held by local Chinese governments but it could engineer a soft landing by easing monetary policy, the World Bank said on Tuesday.

22 2011 | Viewed: 552 | Analytics | Read full
Whose lost decade?

Japan's economy works better than pessimists think - at least for the elderly.

21 2011 | Viewed: 531 | Analytics | Read full
What Is Sony Now?

At 69, Sir Howard Stringer's time as CEO of the unwieldy electronics giant is running out.

19 2011 | Viewed: 543 | Analytics | Read full
Hungary Placed Under Negative Credit Rating Watch

Two of the big three global credit rating agencies, Fitch Ratings and Standard and Poor's, placed Hungary's credit rating on "negative surveillance" over the weekend, citing the risk of contagion from the eurozone and the nation's increasingly unpredictable policy decisions as the primary factors behind their decision.

16 2011 | Viewed: 1 010 | Analytics | Read full
UniCredit Said to Propose 7.5 Billion-Euro Stock Sale to Board

UniCredit SpA's board will consider approving a share sale of 7.5 billion euros ($10.3 billion) to strengthen capital, two people familiar with the situation said today.

15 2011 | Viewed: 1 290 | Analytics | Read full
Lakshmi Mittal, the King of Steel, Trips Up

ArcelorMittal, his steel colossus, is burdened by overcapacity and debt.

15 2011 | Viewed: 602 | Analytics | Read full
Why Americans Won't Do Dirty Jobs

In the wake of an immigrant exodus, Alabama has jobs. Trouble is, Americans don't want them.

10 2011 | Viewed: 489 | Analytics | Read full
Chinas inflation victory comes with high price

China has slain its inflation demon for now, but in the process it has inflicted considerable damage on the broader economy and raised the spectre of a more serious growth slowdown.

10 2011 | Viewed: 798 | Analytics | Read full
Chinese inflation falls sharply in October

Chinese inflation fell sharply in October to 5.5 per cent year-on year, the lowest in five month...

10 2011 | Viewed: 775 | Analytics | Read full
Public Wi-Fi hotspots to grow 4-fold by 2015: study

The amount of public Internet hotspots (Wi-Fi) globally will grow more than fourfold to 5.8 million by 2015, boosted by consumers increasing demand for connections on smartphones and tablets, an industry study showed on Wednesday.

10 2011 | Viewed: 530 | Analytics | Read full
European Banks Selling Sovereign Bonds May Worsen Debt Crisis

Nov. 8 (Bloomberg) -- BNP Paribas SA and Commerzbank AG are unloading sovereign bonds at a loss, leading European lenders in a government-debt flight that threatens to exacerbate the region's crisis.

8 2011 | Viewed: 560 | Analytics | Read full
Could Shale Gas Reignite the U.S. Economy?

Unlocking vast reserves of shale gas could solve the energy crisis, the jobs crisis, and the deficit. Now, about fracking's safety ...

6 2011 | Viewed: 535 | Analytics | Read full
Dialing Up 20 Years of Gadget Reviews

I began writing these Personal Technology columns 20 years ago, in October 1991, with the aim of reviewing computers and other digital products for average, mainstream users.

5 2011 | Viewed: 444 | Analytics | Read full
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