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Sledgehammers and stunned fish

Globalisation with Chinese characteristics works at both corporate and national level.

3 2011 | Viewed: 571 | Analytics | Read full
World stocks post worst quarter in 3 years

Global stocks closed their worst quarter in nearly three years on Friday on nagging concerns about the world economy and the lack of a credible solution to Europe's debt crisis.

2 2011 | Viewed: 596 | Analytics | Read full
How to stop a second Great Depression Permalink

Financial markets are driving the world towards another Great Depression with incalculable political consequences.

30 2011 | Viewed: 2 247 | Analytics | Read full
Russia feels the pain as investors take flight

The re-emergence of Vladimir Putin as Russia's political supremo failed to prevent the country's markets being buffeted by the global financial turmoil on Monday, with the pressure only set to intensify after the sudden dismissal of the country's finance minister and leading fiscal hawk.

28 2011 | Viewed: 698 | Analytics | Read full
Hunting the rich

The wealthy will have to pay more tax. But there are good and bad ways to make them do so.

23 2011 | Viewed: 583 | Analytics | Read full
Dont expect China to ride to the euros rescue

The expectation that China might swoop down and rescue the euro in its hour of need is running high.

22 2011 | Viewed: 535 | Analytics | Read full
New generations in Europe tipping into homelessness

After 18 years cooking moussaka and roast lamb in restaurants around Greece, Petros Papadopoulos prepares lunch for 50 in a place he never expected to end up -- as a resident of a homeless shelter in Athens.

19 2011 | Viewed: 572 | Analytics | Read full
Eurozone: A nightmare scenario

As Europe's leaders pledge support for the single currency, the talk among some is of default.

17 2011 | Viewed: 844 | Analytics | Read full
Income Slides to 1996 Levels

Median Household Earnings Fall for Third Year, Census Says.

14 2011 | Viewed: 832 | Analytics | Read full
Chinese inflation falls in August to 6.2%

China's attempts to cool persistent price increases appear to be taking effect as the pace of inflation slowed in August from a three-year high in July.

12 2011 | Viewed: 528 | Analytics | Read full
Financial results of JSC Eurasian Bank for eight months of 2011

Almaty, September 06, 2011 - Due to recent volatility on the local market in August, the management of Eurasian Bank has decided to release its August 2011 financial information on the Bank's website www.eubank.kz and to the press. Although the regular plan is only to release information quarterly, semi-annually and annually, releasing interim information is consistent with the Bank's goal of transparency.

7 2011 | Viewed: 685 | Analytics | Read full
ArcelorMittal faces challenge to regain crown

Earlier this summer, as the India cricket team made a difficult start to its four-match series against England, Lakshmi Mittal said it was good to see the "[world] champions challenged".

31 2011 | Viewed: 883 | Analytics | Read full
Diamond prices soar on Asian demand

Diamonds have emerged as a haven investment alongside favourites gold and the Swiss franc, with surging demand from Asian buyers driving prices of the precious stones.

28 2011 | Viewed: 732 | Analytics | Read full
Full Libyan oil output could be years away

Libya could return to the global oil market within weeks after the rebels appeared to be on the brink of victory, but the full resumption of output is months, if not years, away.

23 2011 | Viewed: 543 | Analytics | Read full
HP directors defend shift in strategy

Hewlett Packard bosses have come out fighting in defence of their sharp change in the tech group's strategy last week, which saw a share price collapse and growing shareholder alarm.

23 2011 | Viewed: 565 | Analytics | Read full
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