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How Facebook is changing democracy
Targeting specific voters is more effective and cheaper than speaking to the public on TV
15 2017 | Viewed: 164 | Analytics | Read full
The Old Are Eating the Young
Around the world, a generational divide is worsening
14 2017 | Viewed: 179 | Analytics | Read full
Around the world, beer consumption is falling
Beer has become less popular in the worlds biggest markets
14 2017 | Viewed: 176 | Analytics | Read full
China's Skyscraper Age Is Over
As workplace habits change, supertall buildings are sitting empty
13 2017 | Viewed: 161 | Analytics | Read full
State investors stock up on record gold reserves
Allure of precious metal helped by haven asset status and rising prices
13 2017 | Viewed: 149 | Analytics | Read full
Continental drift - Investors embrace Europe, ex-UK
Global investors are distinguishing between the UK and the rest of Europe as part of a fundamental reassessment of what investing in the region means, reflecting growing enthusiasm for Europe's broad economic prospects and nervousness about thorny and possibly protracted Brexit negotiations
9 2017 | Viewed: 164 | Analytics | Read full
Eurozone recovery is surprise economic story of 2017
Strong growth sets stage for battle within ECB over when to taper stimulus measures
6 2017 | Viewed: 181 | Analytics | Read full
Sovereign Wealth Funds May Sell Off U.K. Assets on Brexit Vote
Sovereign wealth funds and central banks may look to cut their U.K. assets in 2017 after sentiment toward the country slumped since Britain voted to leave the European Union, according to an Invesco Ltd. report
6 2017 | Viewed: 207 | Analytics | Read full
US banks pull back from $1.2tn car loans market
Overstretched consumers raise fears of bubble in echo of subprime mortgage crisis
30 2017 | Viewed: 190 | Analytics | Read full
The Big Read
Is Chinas economy turning Japanese?
29 2017 | Viewed: 263 | Analytics | Read full
S&P 500 hits record high after upbeat retail results
The S&P 500 and Nasdaq hit record closing highs on Thursday, with the market propped up by gains in the consumer discretionary sector after strong reports from Best Buy and other retailers
26 2017 | Viewed: 173 | Analytics | Read full
Moody's China downgrade 'illogical', overstates debt: People's Daily
The decision by Moody's Investors Service to downgrade China's credit rating is "illogical" and overstates the levels of government debt, a commerce ministry researcher said in an editorial in the official People's Daily newspaper on Thursday
26 2017 | Viewed: 161 | Analytics | Read full
What Economists May Have Gotten Wrong About Refugees and Wages
How refugees affect native-worker pay is hotly-debated in economic literature, and new research takes a crack at figuring out why different studies arrive at vastly different conclusions.
26 2017 | Viewed: 163 | Analytics | Read full
China sovereign debt downgraded by Moodys
Move could hit countrys government bond market just as Beijing seeks foreign funds
26 2017 | Viewed: 150 | Analytics | Read full
Money flowing into sovereign wealth funds declines
Fall in oil price strains state-backed investment vehicles, as countries withdraw cash
24 2017 | Viewed: 169 | Analytics | Read full
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