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Kazakhstanis Need Internet and Mobile Phones to Work during Summer Vacations

16 August 2010, Almaty. Today the mobile communication operator, GSM Kazakhstan/Kcell announced the results of survey of use of communication devices during summer vacations. Internet users of Kazakhstan were questions vie email during summer 2010.*

The Kazakhstani people find the time to work even during summer vacations thanks to modern means of communication. The Internet and mobile phones enable people to communicate with their business partners and colleagues, to stay updated on the business issues and take part in decision making. 58.8 per cent of questioned citizens of Kazakhstan say that during holidays they read business emails, and 44.4 per cent respond to them. 41.7 per cent of Kazakhstani people negotiate business using mobile phones during vacations. Unavailability of access to mobile communication and the Internet during holidays troubles and irritate 85 per cent of respondents.

The Kazakhstani people want to stay in touch while travelling: they need the communication facilities to stay in touch with friends and relatives. For this purpose 60 per cent of respondents use e-mail. The main device of communication with friends and relatives is the phone: it was chosen by 89 per cent of respondents; in this regard 75 per cent send SMS and about 28 per cent- MMS.

During the summer holidays more than a half of the Kazakhstani people get not only a sun-tan, read books and have a rest with a glass of wine but spend their time in the Internet. 17 per cent of them relax with the help of the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, "Moi mir" and Vkontakte.ru. Many of them use these sites to keep in touch with close relatives, for example, by posting short notes and updating statuses. Moreover, 23 per cent of questioned upload photos, taken during the holidays, on their pages in the social networks.

On the whole, the Kazakhstani people while having the rest use supplementary functions of their mobile phones in addition to the voice communication, access to the Internet and sending/receipt of short and multimedia messages. For example, 55 per cent of questioned take photos, 57.8 per cent listen to the music and 20 per cent use the e-maps and GPS for navigation on a place with the use of the cellular phone.

*The survey has been conducted based on the method of questioning via e-mail among the citizens of Kazakhstan, using the Internet. 550 Kazakhstani people aged 18 and above took part in the survey. The survey was carried out by the analytical company United Minds, by order of TeliaSonera (the major owner of GSM Kazakhstan /Kcell).

Source: GSM Kazakhstan/Kcell

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