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About us

The Public Foundation "Center for Business Journalism "BizMedia", created with the following main goals:

  • Enhancing quality of business journalism in Kazakhstan through distributing the best practice, developing business ethics of Kazakhstani journalists, and playing an active role in the development of human resources for the business mass media;
  • Improving level of education and practical skills in the field of business journalism of the mass media journalists;
  • Distributing best practice, both local and from abroad, among mass media journalists, journalism students, professors of journalism in the universities and other interested parties;
  • Stimulating innovation in the sphere of business journalism, including development of high tech mass media.

Some of the key activities of the Fund include education on the basics of business journalism and journalism, organization and carrying out of various training programs for journalists working in mass media, contributing to the financial literacy of the public and business journalism teaching at the universities. Planned activities include seminars, conferences, round tables, symposiums, various format meetings on issues of development of business journalism in Kazakhstan, implementation of which has already commenced.

Bizmedia Public Foundation is a non-profit organisation, which exists thanks to individual donations, sponsorships and grants. If you would like to contribute to development of business journalism in Kazakhstan, please contact us.

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